What works for YOU as a practice routine?

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Well really depends what I have one during the day
I've played for 4 years
I'm only 15 so I have school and stuff the majority of the time, but when I get home I pick up my guitar and if I'm learning a song, I will practice each part over and over again for about 1hr-1hr and a half, for example take building the church, I really wanted to learn it, so I started by just practising the intro for around about 1hr 30mins each night for a week, until i had it spot on, I can now play the rest of the song, as practising the intro of the song I believed increased my playing speed greatly, i also find it alot easier now to learn songs.
But when i'm not learning anything I go over all the thoery side of guitar, I start with alot of scales, modes ,etc, I also pracitces things like sweep picking and tapping.
I basically go over everything I know.
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sunai0804 wrote:
next legato
i practice these 2 a watch !!again most of the stuff from all the above mentioned stuff plus i also work on the stuff given in steve's 30 hr guitar workout plus the solo riff of the animal!!!!!

where do you get the steve's 30hr guitar workout??
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lester wrote:
sunai0804 wrote:
next legato
i practice these 2 a watch !!again most of the stuff from all the above mentioned stuff plus i also work on the stuff given in steve's 30 hr guitar workout plus the solo riff of the animal!!!!!

where do you get the steve's 30hr guitar workout??
When do we get the "stay awake until you're brain damaged guitar workout" ?
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Playing what I feel like playing when I feel like it for the most part. Sometimes I'll get an idea of something that needs doing or I need to work something up for a gig so I just work on those things whenever I pick up the guitar. The only time I schedule a regime is if I have a demanding gig coming up very quickly. Otherwise its all very relaxed. :D
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I always warm-up my hands with basic, then more difficult chords. From there I play just legato for 20-30 mins then alternate picking up and down the neck for a good 45 mins or so. Then, backwards only picking so my hand feels versitle all over the neck. Then I wrap it up with playing some VH and Vai licks, along with some country style finger-pickin. Two hours usually pass before Conan O' Brian starts....
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I just pick up the guitar and start playing and what ever happens, happens. I don't have any particular structured routine I adhere too. Music for me is actually a form of mind body disciplined housed within my spiritual discipline - zen buddhism. For me it's the practice of becomming one with things and that can take a variety of approaches, but as far as physical ability or theoretical knowledge - did away with that approach ages ago. I find that simply playing with out a goal or purpose does wonders for the enjoyment and the quality of the practice. Putting yourself completely into the action is all that matters, even if it's a terrible sound, then you have accomplished "practicing the terrible sound" and so on and so fourth. It's not real productive in measureable improvement, but it does help you express things, things you've attained a state of oneness with - which for me as a musician is what I find most fancinating with music. So, thats what I do ^_~
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LOL these days with all these distractions, TV, internet, games, girls...maybe even porn it seems we have no time for guitar. I must admit i practise in front of the TV most of the time lol...what about u guys?
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I do a 2 hour practice 5 times a week these days. I've set my practice schedule up so that it covers what i consider to be the key areas:

Ear Training
Fretboard Knowledge
Sight Reading/Theory

My practice is then broken down as follows:

15 mins Ear Training:

Listening excercises - interval/chord/scale identification
Singing excercise -singing simple pentatonic/major scale phrases and then attempting to play them back instantly on guitar

45mins Fretboard Knowledge:

Harmonic concepts - All triads in all inversions. Maj7, min7, dom7, m7b5, minmaj7 chords in all positions on the neck. Play through chord scale in 7ths, 9ths, 11ths and 13th chords. Practicing comping using all these chords over popular songs (Real Book etc).

Melodic Concepts - Pick a scale and run through it all over the neck. Run through the scale in 3rs, 4ths, 5ths, 6ths and 7ths. Play through it in melodic sequences. Run through the main arpeggio shapes in all positions of the neck - triad arps, Maj7, min7, dom7, m7b5, minmaj7.

15mins Sight Reading/Theory:

- If i'm not working on a particular theory concept (i've been playing about 16 years so my theory knowledge is pretty good) then i'll try to sight read sax/violin music or something.

45mins Technique:

I have a list of various techniques to work on, and i'll usually pick something from this list and work on it for the duration. Sometimes if it's something major i may practice this particular technique in every practice session for as long as a month or something - i did this recently when i was really working on my alternate picking. Here's the list:

- Alternate Picking - scale sequences and arpeggios
- Economy/Sweep picking - scale sequences and arpeggios
- Tremelo picking (notes and chords/diads etc)
- Left hand legato
- Tapping
- String skipping
- Octaves
- Finger picking
- Hybrid picking
- Bending
- Vibrato
- Harmonics
- Rhythm playing
- Improvising through chord changes
- Transcription

Currently i've been working on improvising over changes for about 3 weeks or so.

And that's it. Any other time i spend playing guitar (and i usually play about another 10 hours a week on top of this) will be spent learning songs, improvising and writing/recording my own music. :cool:

And yeah, i practice whilst watching tv all the time! :D
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Try a Steve Vai song like Answers but of course with much less speed at first. Keep practicing it and improve your speed as much as possible. The reason to do this is because playing these kinds of songs practice almost all techniques that are useful in the guitar like bending, shredding, tapping, legato playing etc.
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Maybe a few sweep picking and string skipping excersises as they are really helpful. But it's mostly the same old story...

Practice some tapping, some whammy bar tricks, some alternate picking, some of this and so on.

And I play the songs I love to play. That's the routine that works for me.
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