juice,what's the big deal?

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Alexander Kinnaird wrote:There's a nice subtle moment in "Juice" at 1:29 where he makes the guitar squeak like a creaky hinge that needs to be oiled by pushing the b string onto the polepiece of the neck pickup. He said that it took him ages to get that to sound quite right so that must be hard. He also does the same thing at 3:02 of "Jibboom." Had my electric stolen so can't try it for myself as I've just got an acoustic with me :cry: Don't think my neighbours would appreciate the volume necessary for that trick anyway :)
Actually I think the Juice noise is pushing the D string into the polepiece of the middle pickup. The pitch is an A, same as b string 22nd fret. The B string against the neck pickup would be higher than that of course, a C# or so. And right before & after the A, there's a percussive D, which would come from the string fretting out at the 24th fret. So you hear the string between 24th fret and saddle, then middle pu polepiece and saddle, then 24th fret and saddle again as he releases his finger.
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This is called an "artificial Harmonic" or a "pinch harmonic"
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Um, no it isn't.

An artificial or "pinch" harmonic is where you let a little of your fingertip hit your string along with the pick, giving you a squeal.

The technique just discussed is called "pushing the string into the pickup, giving you a squeak". :wink:
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Works a lot better with the wound strings, that trick, try it with the low E... As for Juice, the first tapping run is fine, but thanks for that correct version of the second, I'll give it a go.
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