a program to play irregular note groupings

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ok, i've searched far and wide for a program that will play polyrythms and irregular note groupings like the example below
i know all the theory and yes i have looked at LITTLE BLACK DOTS, but i think the best way to understand them is to hear them isolated from the music. if anyone knows of such a program or site i think it would help alot of guitarists to know it, even if it's just the pulses where th notes would be. the problem with the programs i've found so far are putting in nested polyrythms. can anyone help?
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Can finale notepad do it?
Its a free notational program from coda music
if not i think sibelius of the full version of finale can do it but these are very expensive
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well there's this program i use to make MIDIs, it's really good, it's called anvil studio, it gives you the possibility to make triplet quintuplet and septuplet notes. and it's freee!
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