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PostPosted: Sun Aug 03, 2014 9:48 am 

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String hopping is the biggest problem when it comes to shredding on alternate picking

This jumping motion, just when you built up smooth and consistent picking speed on one string, you have to leap to another, this is awkward and unpredictable, with both string hopping and alternate picking occurring simultaneously, is like impossible

This makes sense because alternate picking, is a back and forth movement, while string hopping, an up and down movement

When you hold the pick slightly angled towards the floor, and play a downstroke, I can see that the pick tends to bury between 2 strings, for example if you did this on the G string, the pick would end up trapped between the G and B strings. If I wanted to move to a new string, I would have to use string hopping to lift the pick over string that was in the way.

But, if you play an upstroke, the pick rises above the guitar body, and breaks free of the surrounding strings. This makes it perfect time to switch strings because the upward motion of the pickstroke itself becomes the string switching movement.

Down is stuck, and up is free

By using downward pick slanting, and simply switching strings after upstrokes, the switching from one string to another, becomes perfectly smooth, and the barriers between the strings melt away

The patterns of shredders always start on downstrokes, which means they always end on upstrokes, they switch strings only after upstrokes.

I watched all shredders instructional videos, such as Yngwie, in every scene, Yngwie was holding his pick with the downward slanting against the body of the guitar, I never noticed this before. This was hardly an accident.

The result of this downward pick slant, meant that anytime Yngwie wanted to switch strings, all he had to was to play a lick that ended on an upstroke, all his patterns and solos, have been specifically designed exactly this way.

As long as you keep the downward pick slant constant, you won't feel the transition from one string to another, there is no string hopping, because every upstroke is itself a string changing movement, every time you play an upstroke, the pick is hanging in the air above the strings, just waiting to drop down on the next string of your choosing, lower or higher string, it doesn't matter which direction, as long as every last stroke is an upstroke

Am I really saying that Yngwie and all other shredders only ever change strings after upstrokes?

What about those 3 or 5 notes per string scales?

This is a problem, because if you start on a downstroke, and play 4 notes on a string, that is good, but if you the same thing and play only 3 or 5 notes, you'd be STUCK

When it comes to 3 or 5 notes per string, Yngwie and other shredders, only pick 2 or 4 notes of those, and the final note is not picked at all, it is a pull off. They always end up on an upstroke.

By simply adding legato, on 3 o 5 notes per string, you always end with an upstroke. MINDBLOWN They play it so fast, you don't even see this, and cannot even hear the legato, it sounds like they are picking every single note, and is not the case.

You can eliminate the legato sequence entirely by simply starting on a upstroke.

ALL the tabs are wrong when it comes to this alternate picking sequences of the shredders.

The shredders play this sequences, and strategically add legato or begin with an upstrokes, so it always ends with an upstroke

NO MATTER, how many notes per string they are playing, 3, 5, 7, 12, it doesn't matter

They always end with an upstroke, thus flying like butter through the fretboard

This is the secret of shredding with alternate picking, then it all boils down to practice with the metronome, unless you always end with an upstroke, you will never be able to play fast like those shredders, not even close

PostPosted: Sun Aug 03, 2014 11:43 am 
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The secret to fast alternate picking is legato.... Come on bro! If your having some issues I recommend john Petruccis Rock Discipline, and Paul Gilbert's intense rock vol 1. They are not using legato to alternate pick fast, and neither is anyone else. Alternate picking is not legato, legato is not alternate picking. Yngvie economy picks and uses legato, so does Vai and Satch and a lot of other guitarists, myself included, but this is not fast alternated picking, but another technique in a guitarists arsenal.

String skipping comes with practice, but it can be done with an up or downstroke... I don't plan to end on an upstroke, it's just what falls in a run. You however can, if this helps your playing, it can even be your thing, your niche, that one punk guy never ends with anything but an upstroke, how cool!! But this is not a rule, nor is it the secret to fast alternate picking.

Myth busted.

IMO of corse.

PostPosted: Sat Aug 30, 2014 5:51 pm 
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Sounds like you've been watching "Cracking the Code with troy grady " on youtube

PostPosted: Fri Sep 05, 2014 2:30 am 

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As the name alternate picking implies, you have to alternate the picking, not "cheating" and using legato. No matter what strings you are playing, and if you end or begin with an up or down, mastering alternate picking is just the ability of doing it in all the different combinations. The important is being consistent on alternate up and down. Of course for some people ending with an up stroke can be easier and more natural, but also play trill with the middle finger instead of the pinky is easier and more natural, so i should avoid using the pinky?
You should check the difference between inside and outside picking, i recommend you the Picking Mechanics book of Troy Stetina, a real good teacher.



PostPosted: Wed Nov 05, 2014 2:30 am 
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Having just picked up my first Jem, I've decided to dedicate 2015 to becoming a much better guitarist. My picking is the first thing I'm working on. I'm literally spending two three hours a day practising one lick until I nail it down. It's amazing how a bit of practise helps. I'm also going to start working on Steve's ten hour workout while watching TV.

Oh, and Troy Grady's Cracking the Code is awesome. He's cheesy, but he's fun to listen to.

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