Pup grades for my RG550's

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m t soule
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Pup grades for my RG550's

#1 Post by m t soule » Sat Oct 05, 2013 3:50 pm

Which Pick ups would you guys recommend for a 'stereotypical' Vai sound and which of my RG's would you put them in for optimal results?

At the moment I am fresh into learning about pick ups so apologies for my naivety etc

Vai material that has inspired me = alien love secrets(top of the list becsuse of its "simplicity"), fire garden(especially the last track), passion and warfare(audience is listning and for the love of god)

my guitars at home are;

1998 Rg550ltdnpm v7 s1 v8 - rosewood Fingerboard

2007 rg550mxxB nailbomb(b) irish tour(m) crawler(n) (Bare Knuckles) - rosewood Fingerboard

1993 rg550ca v1 s1 v2 - Maple Fingerboard

amp line6 spider(mk1) with floorboard (ideas on optimising Tone here would rock too)

Dont use pedals or any other garnish or gadgetry.

So after the Vai style upgrade that will leave one guitar with left with stock pups. What then would you recommend just purely beclause you think they are cool?! I hear a lot about seymore duncans, Bill Laurence. Or go for more Bare Knuckles or dimarzios.

More styles i like to play are - Megadeth, Extreme, Blues improv (clean to Distortion)

Again apologies for the novice brain i got here :)


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Re: Pup grades for my RG550's

#2 Post by Jeries » Mon Oct 07, 2013 12:09 am

only choice to me is DiMarzio
Can't go wrong with an EVOLUTION set

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