Indelibile signature on my JEM ? Please help me !

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Le Navi
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Indelibile signature on my JEM ? Please help me !

#1 Post by Le Navi » Fri Nov 09, 2012 2:38 am

Hi everybody !

I hope my english won’t be too bad and that I will be understood. :oops:
In 10 days, I will see Steve in Paris and participate at the EVO Experience. I will bring my JEM7V-WH to be signed by the master ! :D

I wish the signature is on the body of the guitar and it indelible.

According to you, is it better just to sign with an indelible pen or to sand the guitar, to sign and varnish (what kind of varnish, in this case) it? I really want to ensure that it is identical to the original but make sure that the signature never moves ever after.

If you have advices, thank you 1000 times, it is really important for me ! :oops:

Le Navi

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Re: Indelibile signature on my JEM ? Please help me !

#2 Post by ahull123 » Sat Nov 10, 2012 2:02 pm

you can also cover it with some adhesive clear plastic, most office supply stores carry them. Sanding the guitar and messing with the clear coat is abad idea unless you have experience with doing that kind of work.

I think the clear plastic is your best bet over a sharpie marker.

Good luck and Enjoy the show, the "experience" is awesome BTW.

Oh and some pics later!!

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