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Re: New IBANEZ JEM 70V Premium

Posted: Mon Aug 27, 2012 1:58 pm
by Andrew J Dampier
There is so much half-truth information in this thread I can't even begin to sort through it all.

I've played 15-20 LACS guitars in the past, from different artists as well as the models they sold for a while in the 90's. How were they different from any other Ibanez? They had a different stamp on the back of the headstock and there were slightly different specs. Aside from that, every single one played/sounded the same as any other guitar priced between $900-$2500.

It's not like they have a whole different room of "better" Edge trems or "better" Dimarzio Evolutions. Sure, they're working generally on a single guitar at a time, it's going to have a little more attention to details, but nothing that makes them any more amazing than any other guitar Ibanez makes priced at or above $900.

Satriani made some pretty clear statements about not being happy with Peavey because of their lack of desire to improve upon the JSX. So, Satriani started using Marshall's again. Good for him. He got to develop a new amp with one company and once that relationship didn't work out, he went to another.

Devin Townsend recently had some remarks about Peavey as well. Devin's biggest gripe was that he didn't want to be tied down to one particular guitar/company. He uses whatever he needs based upon what he's looking for in a sound. Peavey didn't particularly care for that and I don't believe there is a deal there any more. Who knows, Peavey saw what happened when Satch started using Marshall's again while his deal was still on with Peavey. First thing that happens is everyone starts doubting their products because Joe isn't using them anymore. Devin and Peavey had just put out his signature 7-string V and they probably wanted him to pimp that and only that.

Also, Bruce Egnater has been working with Randall for quite some time now. While they have several different amps in different price ranges, I wouldn't say they are the worst company on the market.

It's easy for people to sit around and slag professional musicians for endorsing gear they don't use. But ya know what? Those endorsements provide financing and publicity to both the artist and the company. We live in a finance based world, guys. If you're not making money, you're spending money and we always need more of it.

Also, (Kyle), if you're judging how an amp sounds based of youtube videos that were recorded with someone's phone....well, does that really seem like a good idea?

Re: New IBANEZ JEM 70V Premium

Posted: Mon Aug 27, 2012 6:58 pm
by kyle am I
i watched just about twenty videos. some had great quality. steves sound was just as it always was, on the hi def vids, so im pretthy sure joes sound was the one being heard live. yes, i think its wise,

Re: New IBANEZ JEM 70V Premium

Posted: Mon Aug 27, 2012 11:39 pm
by Bryceybhoy
Jeries wrote: Up until a year or two or three ago- he’s used his entire professional career a clean marshall amp with a boss ds-1…sometimes stock/modded/vintage… but that’s where most of his distortion has always come from- its in numerous videos/interviews/answers/posts/forums/its out there.
Again, not picking a fight, but that's not proof. You need to give me a quote where Joe says 99% of the time he doesn't use any distortion from the amp and goes through the clean channel with a distortion pedal.

Once you find that quote, I'll believe you.

Re: New IBANEZ JEM 70V Premium

Posted: Mon Aug 27, 2012 11:48 pm
by Jeries
its such common knowledge and often spoken of- its EASILY found out there...

fine- i'll go through the effort and find it now and post 5+ pages showing it...

Re: New IBANEZ JEM 70V Premium

Posted: Mon Aug 27, 2012 11:52 pm
by Jeries
I'm busy so i only found one... ... m?page=0,0" onclick=";return false;

this was posted 5 months ago

it says

"All of us know that if do a lot of gigs, you can never count on getting your amp up to that perfect, peculating level for every gig. You always have to reset your volume for the venue you are in. Sometimes the tubes can have you scratching your head because they react differently at different volumes. Distortion pedals are just fantastic for not only rehearsing quietly but also for all those moments when you are going to play in highly compressed environments like radio, television or recording against compressed loops.

I started many years ago using the Boss DS-1 and then graduated the to Satchurator and putting that right into that clean channel, and that sounds great. I’ve done many tours with that setup. Then we took the next two channels that were part of the JVM sound in channel 1 and made them a little more subtle. So when you go from green to amber to red, the gain grows and you get into those other colors. I wanted just that first one to just dip its toes into that world of gain. Then when you go from amber to red again, I wanted just a little bit more. "

The amp he used clean probably the entire 90s was the Marshall 6100 20th anniversary 100w head

Re: New IBANEZ JEM 70V Premium

Posted: Tue Aug 28, 2012 12:02 am
by Bryceybhoy
Excellent. I thought I was going to have to kick your ass over the internet, but the force is strong with you.

Nice one. I believe you. :)