My Jem is acting wierd....part 2

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hi guys,

thanks for all the help and info you gave me regarding the trem.

I never actually did anything to cure it - for some reason now, i can batter the Trem crazy and its going back in tune to where it was - bang on the tuner!!

This is well wierd, now its holding its tune pretty much bang on with the tuner - slightly under 1 cent sharp - which i can certainly live with..

Is this normal for floating bridges?

cheers guys!
Mr. Supertron
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Were you using new strings or old strings? Old strings usually don't hold tuning as well and new strings need stretched.
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First , how you mesure your 1 cent sharp ?

Sugestion ;

Tune the G strings (this strings is the most sensitive for the pull up)
dive the trem until the bar touch the wood , let the bar return & don t past the neutral point. Check this G string tuning.
repeat this 2, 3 time . You must have a beautiful dead 0 cents on your tuner everytime you re back.
Now put the whammy bar forward & pull untill you can t push anymore , let the trem return and don t past the neutral point.
Check this G string tuning. During all this , don t move the guitar.

This my "procedure" to check my return. only with the G string

If my tremolo angle change , if I change the strings , if I do nothing , the sharp change from 4 to 7.
Strings , metal , wood , I don t know but all theses little atoms are full of life...and they are in constant move.....

This is MY experience. I don t say I m right or wrong , It s just MY conclusion.
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KeithVai wrote: Is this normal for floating bridges?


And if you want to get that away, too, you could get a Backbox.
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hey the guitar your having problems with... where was it made?
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