Mainstream Music, I don't get it

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You are one came out and SAID it. Young people are MANIPULATED into spending their parent`s money. That`s why it`s called manipulation, it`s is an indirect suggestion. A culture is created, then made very popular. For young people, being popular is very important. Society in general, for that matter. everyone wants to be liked, and to have something in common with other people. Untill we are mature enough as people to define ourselves, we are defined by other people`s perceptions of us. We are trained not to rock the social boat, to follow the status quo. that`s why when a record label decides that a particular artist is going to appeal to a definable cross section of society they dig their claws in, pay the marketing department all the overtime it takes to convince that group it`s cool, then make the rest of society feel like they are being left out or are missing something if they don`t get on board. You`re right, they don`t come out and say "be like Britney". Think back 50 years. Smoking was "cool" once. All the movie stars did it, and you could see them right up on the big screen puffing away. It was implied that smoking was representative of a "glamorous" lifestyle, and by smoking you were getting your piece of that pie. Who sets out and says "gee, I want to start smoking today because I imagine the sensation of filling my lungs with smoke that could kill me would feel really great"? MOst people were in some way or another CONVINCED it was a good idea. Either to fit in with the other wayward souls at school, or some ridiculous notion that it would calm them down and make life bearable. No one said "Hmm...I wonder if lighting this smelly ass garbage and puffing on it would calm me down". They heard from someone else that it worked and they tried it. We are a very trendy society, and people like to be "with it". The problem is that the truly unique and worthy rarely define what "with it" is. It`s some fat cat A/R rep, or a marketing agent, or someone else who gets paid when millions of people do what they want them to do.
Here is a saying that helps clarify a very strong business philosophy : "Cater to the classes, eat with the masses. Cater to the masses, you eat with the classes." A friend of mine who makes half a million dollars a year as a broker told me that a few years ago. It made perfect sense, just doesn`t apply to my way of doing things. Anyway, we could go `round and `round with this. Anyone who fails to recognize that we as individuals control very little regarding pop culture is wearing their ignorance on their sleeve. Pop culture manipulation may not apply to any of the people on this site, or maybe a few. Hell, Steve`s mainstream popularity fell by the wayside some time ago, and I`ll bet he`s fine with that. He knows that he has thousands of fans world wide that will support and appreciate his vision, and we as our own little social clique on represent those fans. (BTW, I`m not really new to the site. Been here almost ten years, just used to go by a different SN and haven`t been here in a while). No one told any of us to come to We come here because we have a bond with the other people here and we feel we have something in common. It becomes "cool" for us to know each other...Is it starting to make sense yet?
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guyver_dio wrote:I'm sick of turning on the tv, turning on a radio or walking into a music store and hearing another overproduced artist singing or rapping to background music that sounds like a midi system. Whether it's urban or Pop, the music is extremely boring. I know there's a few good bands that have made it into mainstream music, but you hardly hear them nearly as much than the rest of the crap.

Many people have said to me that they like that sort of music because it's great for car stereo's. That's fine, but how much of this stuff do they need, seeing your speakers flex and feeling the bass is all well and good but this kind of music has been produced since the late 80's onwards and i think it's starting to get a little old and boring.

I don't understand how people can like it so much, most of the artists don't have a talented bone in their body, i mean some of them have even been caught out on stage lipsinking to their music, and people still like them.

And why are the majority of these artists singers......not even singers... vocalists. Many people i talk to are lead to believe that it isn't music until it has lyrics.

Anyway I really dispise this type of music, what are some of your views on mainstream music.

Someone once told me that they believed the deal with Pop music to be "Pop music is an easy means of instant gratification for a lot of people.

More complex music generally requires more patience to discover the goldmine that is inside of it.

Once you've taken the time to discover the goldmine in non-pop music, pop music looks like total crap to you."

This is how an old friend of mine has always put it, and I tend to agree!!!
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I like that. :P
Because the "goldmine" in pop music is an illusionary one that surfaces quickly without much effort.
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That goldmine quote is one of the best I've ever heard, you like summed up something that could have taken me an hour to explain. A long time ago, when I was around 11 or 12, it was the late 90's. Every single person on my class listened to the same thing: mainstream music (rap, hip-hop, etc). I tried to get into it but it just didn't add up, it sounded......hollow to me. I remember looking at one guys face when I heard a song by Snoop Dog, just wanting to demand what the trick was to like such music. Eventually I would discover what I was looking for which was, well.....actual music. It certainly took me a while to really listen to what I was hearing but the rewards were beyond words. Besides, people these days are actually starting to look for it since I think MTV, the radio, and the mediocore bands (let's not forget Ashlee Simpson) have finally shown their true colors. Rock on....
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