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not to be a butt, but shouldnt this be a Free Forum topic? and theres a active thread just like it now in that forum
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my real name is Israel (same as the country)
i am 32 years old, i play guitar since i was 17 years old, i studied
music theory for a year in an arts school here in Mexico city. but mostly i am self taught on the guitar, i learnt by buying lots of books and video, but the theory i learn in the school was very helpful for me. and of course i keep learning.
i have played in some local bands but only as a hobbie. i play as much as i can, but i can say i can play every day!!! (how lucky i am!!)
as a matter of fact i played last thursday at my brother's wedding , i played with the backing track of satriani's "crying" i am very happy because lots of people told me they liked it very very much!!
i work in a travel agency for almost 8 years.
and my other hobbies are: watching samurai movies, art movies. surfing in the web. drinking a good coffee with a pleasant conversation , japanese food,and make friends, as much as possible!!
well this are a few things about me!! as i read about some of you
i want to say "nice to meet you"!!!!!!!!!!

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Ramma wrote:not to be a butt, but shouldnt this be a Free Forum topic? and theres a active thread just like it now in that forum
I thought of that, But I was interested in everyone's musical involvement. You know, how much people play and stuff. It has strayed a bit but I am no Mod. As I stated in the beginning. Maybe I wasn't very clear. I do try to be methodic. I though it pertinent, as I read various threads, to know just how musically involved the participants are, it give us a better grasp and interpretation to the posts made.
Does that make any sense??

I did do a search as well to see if had been done.
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I'm unique, just like everybody else...
24 years old... Vai fan since 16 (not as long as most people here)I play since 17... (I got a guitar on my 14th B-day... but I would never practice it, so it doesn't count... until my 16/17 "year of life')

Still searching for my... light.

I also like comics... Batman is my favorite character...

I like Women... They make life smell/feel good... I have one of my own.

I like music. We are blessed with an art form that can extract/create feelings immediately on the audience...

I'm blessed because I have shelter and food... Thousands don't...

Life is hard, but at least it'll end sometime... Best to go out, with a good memory, and been a good memory...

Gtdork= Guitar Dork, it reflects the time of my life when I had the time to practice 14hours a day, everyday... It made a huge difference in my playing...

It doesn't souly matter on how much you practice. You have to practice the RIGHT things, in the RIGHT way!!!

Leave... Live... Don't waste your time....
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Interesting Stuff...

Aged 19.
Instrument: Drummer/frustrated orchestral percussionist :lol: , playing since 13-ish. Although, according to my parents I've been smashing tins 'n stuff since 3.

Bands: Up until like a fortnight ago, my rockband (alt-rock type music) was doing payed gigs around the 'Valley area. (Brisbane's 'Valley that is..).
The lead guitarist had to leave the city so, its on hiatus. Maybe forever.
The gigs were great fun, the music? It got very stagnating to be honest!
There was also the various school bands. Which was also fun, Like locking myself inside the Tympani case 'n stuff.

Education: Had weekly 30 minutes lessons at school. Which was the best time for me during school life. That didn't do much, chops-wise though.
Started taking lessons last year, which totally up'd my technique and musicality. Started practicing like hell last year too!

What's Next?: Going to study music at Uni next year. Majoring in performance (Drumset). Hopefully form some kind of band there!
Those Grant Collins masterclasses sounds very sweet :twisted:

What Else: Motor racing is a big hobby. Used to race go-karts. Still run them occasionally.
I also like Films too. My favourite directors are: Kubrick, Scorsese, P-T Anderson, Tarantino, Tim Burton, Coen Bros. and the likes.
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Hi there! Well, I´m 16 years old and I´m from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I´m still at the high school. I´m on theater group and I play guitar as much as I can.

I play the guitar since I was 11 years old... I first discovered Joe Satriani by a friend of mine... And then, searching for information about him I discovered Steve and I really liked him.
Now I´m trying to save money so I can buy a Jem... I really love those guitarssss!!!!

Well, that´s it. Hope we can talk in the chat someday.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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