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Hi guys I hope you find this thread interesting and fun to discuss.

I have been taking classes in college that have really opened my eyes to classical music and I was just wondering what you guys felt about it. For me it gives my great musical ideas and lots of inspiration and influence.

Also what is your guys' favorite classical composer? why? Favorite piece?

My favorite classical composer would have to be Beethoven. But i also love Vivaldi's Four Seasons, Bach's Tocata and Fugue in Dmin, and I also like some Stravinsky, Haydn, and lots of others
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I really love a lot of classical music. My favourite is Stravinskijs "Le Sacre du printemps" - in english "Rite of spring" i think. Amazing!

Another good one is Mozarts "Requiem"
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To me, classical music is the greatest artistical achievement in human history, for better of for worst, there really isn't anything even remotely close to it.

Because music IS a language, it's hard to understand, it cannot fully be explained, you sort of have to get it yourself, and all you need to do is really listen to it (much like learning a new language).

Currently, Beethoven is my favored composer, his String Quartets (particularly the Opus130/133, Opus 131 and Opus 132) being my favored compositions of his.

With music, Beethoven was able to express his own emotional genius in such way as unheard before, but at the same time he didn't abadon the systematic rules of the classical idiom (which may seem restrictive at first but in my opinon they actually offer a much more solid background to brake those rules in the first place then free form romanticism itself).

Trapped beetween his eroic and semi-romanticist expressive idiom and the simmetrical perfection of the classical style (and later on, mixed with the polyphonic essence of Baroque music), his style simply has the best of all worlds.

However, what REALLY sets him apart is that most of his compositions are incredibly original and unique from one another. It's hard to understand the height of his achievement unless you can proudly say to have listened and memorized everything he has written from day one to his death.

Other composers i love are Bach (the absolute master of counter point), Mozart (who's later compositions are purely mind blowing in the melodic inventiveness and simmettric perfection), Haydn (he single handely invented classical music and String Quartets, my favored musical genre, and aslo expanded the form of the symphony to it's most reconized level, need i say more ?!? ), Schubert (for his outward lyricism and intimate emotional expressiveness), Brhams (for being able to perfectly meld the classical style with his romanticism), Bartok (his String Quartets are a continuation of the Beethoven legacy), and so many more.

I even love the 20th century pantonalist, particularly Albam Berg (for adding an emotional quality absent in the scope of Schoenberg's vision as seen by those who followed. Just listen to his Violin Concerto and his Opera to understan the path modern music should have undertook).
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I originally began listening to classical music seriously when I was revising for exams, and I heard it stimulated the mind, I was prepared to try anything :roll: . It actually probably distracted me, and made me want to play some on the guitar instead.

A personal favourite is Badinerie by Bach. It translates well to the guitar.
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Beethoven, the Pathetique Sonata
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my preference is for the 20th Century and onward. don't like much that came before the 20th. Some faves that spring to mind...

Igor Stravinsky
The Firebird
The Rite of Spring
Les Noces
L'Histoire Du Soldat
Apollon Musagete
The Song of the Nightengale
Schero fantastique
Card Game
Ebony Concerto
Dumbarten Oaks

Bela Bartok
The Miraculuos Mandarin
Concerto for Orchestra
Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta
Piano Concertos No.1-3
Violin Concerto No. 2

Pierre Boulez
Sur Incises
The Master Without A Hammer

Elliot Carter
Night Fantasies

Edgard Varese
Tuning Up

Anton Webern
6 Bagatelles for String Quartet

Frank Zappa
The Yellow Shark
Civilization Phaze III
Greggery Peccary & Other Persuasions
Boulez conducts Zappa: The Perfect Stranger < click for a free audio stream of the album
The Zappa Album (baroque), performed by Ensemble Ambrosius

Maurice Ravel

Carl Stalling
Music From Warner Bros. Cartoons Vol. 1 & 2
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Oops forgot to mention ...

Conlon Nancarrow
Studies For Player Piano Vol. 1-5
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Yah classical music is just full of surprises and when i hear it, it gives me ideas on how to encorporate new and inventive stuff in my guitar playing instead of playing cliche guitar type stuff it actually pushes you to get a different sound that a lot of guitarists dont get. Some guitar playing no matter how incredible it is still sounds like someone playing a guitar, but when it sounds like music and it is more than just a person playing an instrument that is what really amazes me.

When i listen to classical music it makes me wonder how the hell these guys could compose such incredible works. I think it was Mozart's piano sonata in Amin that i really tried to sit down and play, didn't work to well haha.

There is something about all eras of classical music whether it be boroque, classical, romantic, impressionism, expressionism, minimalism, serialism that just really push music as more of a feeling and sound than a skill or technique.
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I dabble in Classical here and there. I've been listening to and playing:

Scarlatti - Sonata K-11 Emoll
Torroba - Fandanguillo
Bach - Badinerie
Mozart - Alla Turca
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My favorite "trio" of classical composers is BWD (Bach, Wagner, Debussy).

Bach - for his unbeatable polyphonic mastery
Wagner - for his orchestral grandiosity and clever use of leitmotivs.
Debussy - for his subtlety.

I also love contemporary "classical" (serious) music.
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Well I started on classical guitar before electric so I'm always going to have a somewhat classical influence behind me. There are so many great classical pieces, from the well known like Pachebel's Canon, to some of the most amazing guitar pieces like Isaac Albeniz's 'Austarius' (aka Leyenda) - this to this day is probably my most favourite classical guitar piece of music and I still can't play it perfectly - it's next to impossible to play on an electric guitar anyway lol.

I'm probably going to get flamed for what I'm about to say but here goes...I know not everybody likes classical music, and there are people that are embarrassed to say they like listening to it, but I honestly think that if you can't at least appreciate the ability of composers like Beethoevan, Bach, Vivaldi etc...then you are almost blind of truely great music. Yeah, you don't have to like all their stuff, but any deaf man who can write symphonies is a genius in my opinion.
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These days, I don't listen to classical music as much as I used to but I still love it. My favorite composer is Ludwig Van Beethoven. His ninth Symphony is simply devastating! I even saw it in concert! I like Spanish composers like Rodrigo and De Falla.

Since most of us are guitar freaks, did anyone heard Paganini's 24 Caprices for solo violin played on the guitar? I love it!
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