Let Your Kids Sink into These Cutest Animal Games!

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Let Your Kids Sink into These Cutest Animal Games!

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Our world has become so digital that our kids, instead of going out and playing, have started playing games sitting at home. However, we cannot blame them; it’s the generation that is becoming fast the norm as the time passes. Apart from kids, adults, and teenagers, there are some top picks of online games for couples to play together as well.

When the games to be played on the console were developed, they were developed with interests to attract mostly kids who were in high schools, teenagers, and adults because kids smaller than that age had no interest in playing games. But now even a toddler wants to play games and for that reason, several animal games were developed.

Why Animal Games?

Animal games were highly considered by the gaming industry because it is a known fact that kids love animals. Having a real animal can be a lot of work. So, to make kids happy, a lot of entertaining animal games have been developed. There are games in which you can take care of the pets, take them for a walk on an adventure, bathing them and all the things that you wish to do with your pet. All these can be done virtually, and kids tend to enjoy it.

It is fun for both kids and parents because kids get to have the feel of having a pet and parents get the satisfaction of not cleaning up after the real pets. Clearly, it is a win-win for both parents and children.

1. Cute Puppy Care

Offer it delicious food and it will become happy.

This game is about taking care of an adorable puppy. Since this puppy is very playful it keeps getting hurt, you need to instantly watch out for its injuries. Keep the puppy’s fur clean and shiny with the help of all the medication available. You need to feed it at a proper time or else it will become sad. Offer it delicious food and it will become happy. In the end, you have to take the puppy for a party for which you need to dress it up. Deck it up for a party with its other animal companions.

2. My Fairytale Deer

This game is about a majestic deer that is out of a fairytale. The player needs to give a makeover to this beautiful creature and take care of it. You need to keep the place where it sleeps clean and tidy. If its fur becomes dirty, you need to clean it as well as keep its antlers sparkling at all times. Customizing the deer’s antlers is another thing this game offers. Make it look war ready by putting armour around it and match the armour with some accessories. This game offers some puzzle solving as well which will unlock the house made out of mushroom. Here a guardian will live so that it can take care of all the creatures present in the forest. Finally, you can even dress up the guardian with various dresses.

3. Kitten Match

Meow. These kittens are so cute.

This game is a superb combination of animals and increases your memory skills. It is a game that will enhance your memory and give some workout to your brain. All you need to do in this game is that you need to find two identical looking kitten cards. You will have to memorize in which position all the cats' cards are and try to match as many cards as possible. You can earn some points by matching cards in the same row.

4. Kumba Kool

Here is yet another game that is an ultimate combination of adventure and animal. This game is about an ape whose name is Kumba. You have to make the ape run, fly and jump so that it can cross various hurdles in front of it. On the way, you should collect points as much as possible. Try to reach as long as possible by crossing all the hurdles and enemies that come your way. On your way, you will find several power packets that you can collect. These will help in transforming Kumba and boosting his energy. Enjoy these new & cute animal games for kids, girls & boys now!

5. Happy Cat

Feed and keep her clean!

This game is loaded with cuteness. In this game, you make your cat as your best friend and keep her clean. Keep her shiny fur clean and make her look fluffy. Feed her whenever she is hungry and has a play time with her. Chasing the ball is her favourite game, let her play the game. You can give her a makeover by choosing different colour fur and accessorize her with different accessories. You can even give a makeover to the house as well by decorating it. The cute little kitten will be very happy if you decorate the garden.

6. Duck Shooter

This game is great fun for kids who like shooting games. It is a good stress buster as well. You will have to shoot the ducks with the help of a gun and you will be given 3 bullets of each duck to shoot it. If you fail to shoot it the duck flies away. If you like to play such games, you can find some more interesting games related to ducks here : https://www.mantigames.com/animal-games/duck/.

7. Cat Around the World

Meet cats all around the world here!

This little cat is always moving around the globe. It is a puzzle game in real-time where the cat is a gourmet and sophisticated traveller. It travels to regions of alpine lakes in order to taste some of the world’s tastiest salami and appreciate the beauty of the scenery. Collect as many starts as possible and finish the game.


We have to admit that the gaming world is becoming more advanced each day and growing each day. To match this advancement the upcoming generation is growing rapidly as well. Kids as young as 2 years old know how to play games these days, therefore chose games wisely. Make sure to give the kids games that are appropriate for their age and that are educational and fun. The games mentioned above will give your kids the sense of satisfaction of having their own pets. They will learn to make decisions when they give a makeover on their own.
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