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Posted: Thu Apr 24, 2003 12:27 pm
by stevo
Does anyone in the "know" as far as fn is concerned, know if australian guitarist Orianthi has been offered a fn deal?

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Posted: Sat Apr 26, 2003 8:30 am
by stevo
If this helps.

She was featured in Guitarist magazine a few years back in the readers demo section. Her demo was heavily Santana influenced. Her tone then was described as "suprisingly lacking bite considering her equipment" which was a PRS guitar and a Boogie amp.

Why i am so interested is Mr. Vai recently met her when she opened for him in Melbourne, Australia and he is alleged to have said that she had a better tone than he!! 8)
A marked improvement form before, eh? :)

So Mike, anyone? Does this not interest you? Can anybody expand upon this?

Peace Out,


Posted: Sat Apr 26, 2003 10:45 am
by Mikey
I've not heard anything about her and Favored Nations, but I don't work for Favored Nations... so I can't be certain.

I'll find out if I get the chance.