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Hey guys!
Haven't been here for a while, but you were always the most helpful community I've stumbled upon, so I'm gonna ask here...

I'm playing a guitar for almsot a decade now and recently I started thinking about learning a new instrument. And since I was playing with a toy synthesizer as a kid, I decided to give keyboards a go. I borrowed a Casio CTK-4000 from a friend (which he needs back in a week) in order to see if I'll have a lot of problems getting used to using both my hands for fingering.

Since it's been going OK, I'll buy my own keyboard.

So my reasoning is this - I have a band (been playing together for 5 years - drummer, singer, bassist and me), and we're gonna get another guitar into the mix. That gives us/me an opportunity to get the keyboards in for a few songs. Surely, I'll need to practice before I start playing keyboards in a band, but since it's still unsure if well use keaboards (or that I'll be any good at it), I don't want to spend too much money on it for starters.

My idea was to get M-Audio Keystation 88 ES. 88 velocity sensitive, semi-weighted keys. Semi-weighet is good for me (I think) cause I've never played a real piano, and I don't think I'll play a real piano in near future (if ever). And having 88 keys is always great since I won't have to expand in range.

The other thing why I thought about getting a MIDI is finances. If I get a MIDI keyboard, I'll pay less money than buying a "real" keyboard, and if it happens that I won't use it in a band, I can pay less money, but still can use it for practice and to play for myself. If I'll use it in the band, I can always buy a module when I need it, to connect the keyboard to our PA system. (using my laptop on our gigs is out of the question, since I have a 18,4" desktop replacement laptop that I also use for work, so it's not leaving my house).
And if things get serious, I won't spend a lot of money for the MIDI keyboard, so I can always upgrade, or buy another arranger/workstation and I'll instantly have two keyboards...

Anyway, that's what I was thinking, so any input would be greatly appreciated!

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