Satriani autographed Flexable Leftovers

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Satriani autographed Flexable Leftovers

#1 Post by 999Circles » Sat Aug 16, 2014 2:42 pm

Bought this vinyl outside Portland, OR 15-20 years ago at Music Time, a new and used music store. I found it very interesting and unique at the time and cherish it, but now wonder if it is authentic and -ultimately, if it has sentimental value to Mr Vai.
I know that the two of them shared time together when they were younger and began their musical careers as friends to whatever degree.

That being said, I have submitted to the discussion as an attempt to show the item and ideally allow the (slim but possible chance for this) communication to trickle up enough for Mr Vai/ management the opportunity to reclaim the signed album as his if indeed it does have sentimental value for him. I can be reached here, in the discussion boards, or more ideally at I am not looking for money or sale, rather a humble gesture to return what might be another's rightfully deserved keepsake. ... =1&theater

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