Beethoven's 5th

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Beethoven's 5th

#1 Post by tyoung5 » Mon Apr 29, 2013 2:19 pm

FYI Just for anyone who hasn't figured this out...

I was stamping MP3's and ran into one titled "Beethoven's 5th Symphony" and credited to Steve (Vai) as the artist. Wasn't having much luck finding album artwork or anything else referencing this, then saw this on Steve Vai - Answers (" onclick=";return false;)

"S – “I don’t ever recall playing ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’, or ‘Beethoven’s 5th.’ I don’t ever recall jamming with Yngwie, and I have never heard of a track that Joe and I properly recorded called ‘Formula 1.’ I think it’s all rumors, mistakes or misnamed things.”
VAI.COM UPDATE: Thanks to the many fans who wrote in helping clear up this confusion. We have heard that “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” is actually performed by Chris Impellitteri, and that “Beethoven’s 5th” is performed by Nuno Bettenbourt (we’ve been unable to confirm this)."

The version that I have, which is pretty popular seems to be from an album called "Rock the Bach" featuring Danney Alkana.

I verified this by comparing what is found on youtube (" onclick=";return false;), with my version, using wavepad sound editor.

Rock On Steve!

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