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#16 Post by troyatlarge » Tue Apr 30, 2013 6:44 am

There are 46 million human being in the USA living below the poverty line, meaning they have $7,000 a year or less to live on. Take for example agriculture workers. Labor law does not cover them, thus they can go to work, unlimited hours a day, starting at the age 12, although there are very few regulators making sure no one younger is working. Among the 400,000 children so employees in our nation, they have over an 80% high school drop-out rate because they work so many hours that school becomes a place to sleep at. Their parents need them to work because the pay is so low they can't afford to feed them if they don't work. 1 in 3 of these kids ends up with a serious medical problem prior to being 18, generally from chemical poisoning, and they have zero workman's comp coverage. Now lets see if I have this straight – they need to fill out for the app for student aid and go to collage even though they work unlimited hours a day and thus slept there way through school and if they don't their using “its to expensive” as an excuse when they say “I can't afford it – I was not born into the class that can”? 400,000 children are brought up that way here in the USA – and we haven't even included the inner city problems.

Slightly over 100 years ago Harvard released a series of books called “the Harvard Classics” The idea was that people who could not afford an education could still get a fairly reasonable education if they simply read those books (takes about 2 years if you follow their reading guide). In the same spirit, many collage classes are now being put out for free, including video of the professors teaching class each day. You may need collage for a piece of paper such that you can then apply for jobs you otherwise cannot apply for – but increasingly you can receive a very high quality education without ever setting foot in a collage.

Sorry to hear that you think your parents where of no help to you – perhaps had you been born in a barn, on a farm, to agricultural working parents, you would see more clearly just how untrue that is - the point being we should watch for confusing our lucky circumstances, which have zero to do with us as people, for being what all, or even most people have.

Anyway – back to music – the ear training is coming along very nice. Even heard some music in a movie and realized, “wow, I know those notes” and was able to play it correctly on my second try. I can hardly wait to have a year of training under my belt.

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