Do any of you know Steve personally?

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Do any of you know Steve personally?

#1 Post by StephenChapman » Sat Apr 14, 2012 8:41 am

If so, then I thought he might be interested to know that the following item (which he may or may not have forgotten about) has survived all these years!


I obtained this incredible piece of memorabilia from the guy that Steve sent it directly to back in 1984 via mail order! So, from Steve Vai, to my friend Steve, to me (Stephen, though some call me Steve, lol). Pretty neat. :D

Anyway, if any of you personally know Steve, please pass this along! I'm sure he'd love to see that, 28 years later, this has resurfaced. Thanks!

-Stephen :guitar

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Re: Do any of you know Steve personally?

#2 Post by Jeries » Sat Apr 14, 2012 9:30 am

I've never seen that cover before

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