OZZY came back home to Birmingham uk

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Hi guys, Just thought I'd pop by and say we had a pretty awesome day yesterday, Went to Hmv as Ozzy was to be signing his new album SCREAM. and lo and behold first 400 got a wristband and free entry into the gig.

Turned up around 11am not expecting that, but we got the wristbands and spent the whole day meeting other fans etc till it was time to head up to Birmingham town hall..to the gig.

We got right to the front & The show was kick ass! :headbang I enjoyed last night
Ozzy's new ensemble consists of
Adam Wakeman(Rick's boy) Obviously on keyboards
Rob (Blasco) Nicholson on Bass
Tommy Clufetos On drums
Gus G (Firewind) Lead Guitar
And obviously OZZY our local boy yip yip :peace

ok the set list as follows

Bark at the moon
Let me hear you scream (taken from new album)
Mr Crowley
I don't Know
Fairies Wear boots(sabbath)
Suicide solution
Shot in the Dark
GUS'S GUITAR SOLO followed by TOMMY'S drum out which rawwwwkkkkked!
Into the void(sabbath)
Iron Man(sabbath)
I don't want to change the world
Crazy Train

Mamma I'm coming home

And to finish was
Paranoid (sabbath)

yup we got buckets of water at us...loved it!.Refreshing and Reviving! :headbang ..we had Sharon on the left of us in the balcony, along with daughter Amy surprisingly..
Ozzy tried to get Sharon with the bucket. missed tho..got the strait faced security man in the middle..which i thoroughly enjoyed after his attitude during the meet n signing...who i am sure was him... :evil:

Anyway loved Gus G on guitar As I do with any musician... :D

Now...can I ask kindly
Please don't comment with oh ozzy this n Gus G aint Zac etc etc etc...where as i appreciate The 60's 70's 80's was an amazing experience I was too young to see BS/OZZY etc in those days and i'm sure it was oh way more better...in other peoples opinion. And by all means your entitled to that opinion :D and this guitarist is lets say oh way more cooler than that guitarist..which by the way don't sit with me, as i don't do..scrutiny etc yadda yadda. so on so forth..I'm there to enjoy the experience and the music made..and yup me n the hubby enjoyed ourselves immensely
I'm glad to share on here and those that do should never be made to feel like a complete ass by others. For doing so..
I say this as I excitedly told an Aquantance earlier today...and Its oh Ozzy Ain't like he used to be...yeah fair enough and Gus G aint him or whatnot...so It kinda puts you down for having a genuinely great experience...Our boy came home to Brum And it felt good!

peaceeeeeee :peace hehe

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Awwwwwwww.... Lucky son of a bitch.

I bought the new album the other day, and though it's not the best i've heard from him, i dont see him doing it better than he does at his age.

Man of metal makes us all proud.
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