Any opinions on a Vai Jazz CD ?

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lydian7 wrote:
jdnmusic wrote:Jazz is some of my favorite music and to be honest I would rather Steve do his own thing. Something about dive bombs, high speed picking and screaming solos on top of an upright bass walking a ii-V7-I progression doesn't settle very well with me.
Wait, isn't that Jazz fusion? :lol:
Haha, not the way I meant for it to sound.
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I think I would prefer Vai did a jazz song or two rather than an entire CD.

I mean, if they came out amazing, then sure. I think Vai should stick to doing what he does best and continue to mix it up from time to time.
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Because of the heavy use of modal modulation in a lot of Steve's material, I've always thought of it to contain elements of jazz anyway. Certainly pieces such as Salamanders in the Sun, Bledsoe Bluvd et al seem to have a noticeable 70/80s fusion influence, whereas Tender Surrender is a good example of a jazz progression played in octave melody, and making use of the super locrian scale over the altered dominant. There's also a very fusion-esque chord sequence lying under the main Die to Live solo, which modulates downwards with a synth-pad underlying the chord structure. There are countless examples that spring to mind, so I suppose it could be argued that Steve's music already is jazz, to a certain extent of course.
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