Queen new single!!!!

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Bryceybhoy wrote:
BorgAngel wrote:Heey peeps. Queen and Paul Rogers just came with a new single named Say It's Not True. Free downloading here > http://www.queenonline.com/sayitsnottrue

I think it's brilliant! Seen this live on stage 2 times :D

Hope you peeps like it as much as I do :D
What's a peep?
People peeps.. Get it >.<?
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BorgAngel wrote:People peeps.. Get it >.<?
I don't... well, maybe once when I went to RLD in Amsterdam... :mrgreen: But actualy I don't :wink:

About the topic. Queen without Freddy... it's very strange and it's not Queen anymore, but still have 75% of the original band, also, Freddy, said "The Show Must Go On"... don't know. Maybe I see if they pass here, but I don't gonna travel to see them if they don't play here.

:mrgreen: Seraphim :mrgreen:
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