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The 2004 tour... well guys I was there in LA and it was NOT bad at all in my opinion.
I was hearing different opinions on other dates of the tour though, maybe I was lucky that night in LA.
I don't see anything weird in this NAMM video and if I have a chance to go and see them with DLR, I want to go! :lol:
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I don't know what you all are bitching about in terms of his playing, I didn't hear any obvious mistakes. Sure he may need to practice up a bit and loosen up those tin-man fingers of his, but he's still a god in my opinion. Although I really do miss the old Eddie, you know, the one that could fly on stage and didn't slouch so much. It was nice to see him smile again though at the end there, in so many old pics of Van Halen you see him so happy all the time, I haven't seen that in a while. I look forward to seeing the band on tour again, I'm assuming they'll come here like they did in '04. Although, thats was with Sammy, who I think has a better range and control than Dave, but Dave has THAT sound, so I hope he can pull it together for the tour. I'm not worried about Ed being a wreck on this tour, I'm more worried about Dave being the same old asshole, only with worse singing.

One thing I wouldn't mind seeing in the future, though, is Ed, Al, and Wolf releasing an album. Just the Van Halen family members, with some instrumental and some with singing, although I don't know if Ed's up for singing again... He used to have a great voice back in the day but I don't know if the combination of old age, drugs, alcohol, and tongue cancer took that away. Whatever...
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