i want to gig!

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Ok, so i have a pretty good band with like a 30-40 min set of songs.

Questions: 1)How do i get a gig and continue to get gigs?
2)What advice do you have for the first gig?
3) do you need to bring ALL of your own gear to the gig including mics and such?

Much thanks
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Is it a covers or originals band??, or mixture

I don't know about where you are but 1 set isn't enough for a full gig here. Most venues ask us to play 3 x 40min sets. Have you asked around at places and found out what's the usual they want a band to do?

I would say for starting off try and catch up with another band you know that are already performing and ask if you can do an act with them. This way you'll learn how to set up a gig and how to soundcheck. I've never seen a venue supply any gear and even if they did I would never trust it so YES bring ALL your own gear. If you play along side other bands for awhile this will help build exposure for your band and if the gigs go well the venue owners will remember you, at the same time continue working on building more sets. For you to get gigs, make up some flyers, schedule a time with numerous venue owners, and try and sell your band to them. If you can seem proffessional and reliable your band will continue getting regular gigs.

Also advice for first gig, it doesn't mean anything if your playing to an empty room or a full room, some nights are really quiet yet some nights seem like they are really going off, it's just when ppl decide to go out or not.
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try and track down a promoter!! where you from?
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