Your top 5 favourite guitar players?

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My five, in no particular order:

Steve Vai
Jason Becker
Uli Jon Roth
Al DiMeola
Borislav Mitic
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Manuell Baruecco
Allan Holdsworth
Scott Henterson
John Petrucci
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962 wrote:sorry if I p*ss people off by not including Hendrix, but the only Hendrix I really listen to is G3's rendition of Red House! oooooohhhh, I feel bad for saying that! hehehe, sorry guys.

1. Steve Vai

2. Eric Johnson

3. Andy Timmons

4. Joe Satriani

5. Igor Belsky

my 5 best of the rest is as follows:

6. Kenny-Wayne-Shepherd
7. Paul Gilbert
8. John Petrucci
9. Nuno Bettencourt's gotta go to Jennifer Batten.........respect to her for making crazy things work with guitar!
if thats the only Jimi Hendrix you listen to then you have my sympathies, that's like saying you quit having sex after you got layed for the first time.
Or did you have your first experience yet ?
The Prez
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My list of 100 is done! Check it out on the second page!! A lot will disagree with the results, but it can't be as bad as RS's list!
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[quote="Emerson"]First of all, I don't think Hendrix should be automatically included on any list. Being high all the time and dying doesn't make you the greatest guitar player. Sorry but I'm just tired of seeing him on the top of every damn list that any magazine puts out (Rolling Stone -- but what do you expect from Rolling Stone

hey man I agree. im not dissing the king but I just dont like his music. for me he,s the seed that has blosomed into a flower. the flower being all guitar playing from then to now. a flower bay be a beautiful thing but you wouldn't win any photography awards for taking a great picture of a seed. i may have lost the plot but i hope you know what i mean.

1 vai
2 brian may
3 john petrucci
4 satch
5 zakk wylde
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guyzif wrote: 2 brian may
Brian May is fantastic and totally underrated. When I was six or seven years old, I was totally captivated by Brian May's guitar sound. I can remember thinking: that doesn't sound like a guitar!
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yes fryie my man he is underated but so totally amazing. it was this guy who inspired me to pick up the guitar, he might not shred or do all that fancy stuff like vai but MAN IS THAT GUY GOOD. the harmonies, the melodies, the tone, he is what every guitarist should aspire to be like, he's such a nice bloke too.
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In addition to all the usuals :-D

Most of the guys below have MPGs etc. on their websites for samples.

Peter Finger: acoustic
Richard Peikoff: acoustic, slide
James Blood Ulmer James Blood Ulmer fan site, can't find an official one (that's one of my photos at the top of the page, the red one, this guy has "borrowed" it!!!)
Strunz and Farah:, latin
Mark Knopfler: Not obscure, just really, really good.
Bill Frisell Very-shy jazz

And of course: Radiohead, Marillion, Peter Hammill (for it all, not necessarily the guitar)!
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