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Hi what do u think about tribute band and coverband?
In Italy this is spreading more and more.
In the pubs is impossible to hear new songs only cover.
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Big Bad Bill
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It's very common over here too. I guess it's because of the lack of originality.
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Its not really because of lack of originality.. more because of what people want to hear.
If people go to a pub or club to see a band play, they're more likely to want to hear songs they know already.
So tribute bands, and bands playing covers bring in customers.
Original bands, they usually only bring in people that know of them already.

Best thing for a covers band to do is play 99% covers, and drop one of their originals in every few songs... people might notice it, and like it.
Then maybe one day, they can play a gig of just their originals!
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they are big... in fact im seeing the grateful dead cover band (dark star orchestra) this weekend
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stratocastermaster wrote:they are big... in fact im seeing the grateful dead cover band (dark star orchestra) this weekend
So does that make the people that go see them-Cover band deadheads, since their really not seeing the Grateful.....ah never mind.

I think coverband/tribute bands are pretty cool. Even though like mentioned earlier, their not playing original music, they can still draw some big crowds. I always find them really funny though, not because their not good, but if you really like a group, you know all the licks and body movements and such too. The interpretation can hit you as a beefed up Kareoke <sp> thing. The movie 'RockStar' was a funny example of this. The guy gets a piercing, then you get one too! haha I've seen a few and it's really fun overall, a good time and then it hits you, I've just paid to see a guy act like Diamond Dave, what was I thinking? haha

peace and light
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Sometimes it's a lot better to see a coverband. If you're going to see a Metallica or Thin Lizzy cover band at least you know the stuff will be good (and you won't have to listen to somone's jazz noodlings)
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interesting??? back in the Day where Bands like "White Tiger", "Zebra" oh jesus i can´t remember half the names, they did covers from almost every hit that was out there?? it was all mixed up, and then you would throw some of your own stuff in?

example of our last play list;

opener jam (it gets everybody ready for the volume!! :wink: )

Faith no More - Ashes to Ashes
Midnight Fantasy - Original
Beatles - Come together(in our version; compatable to "Psyco Dramas" version)
Audioslave - Like A stone
Here we go-Original
Def Tones - Digital Bath
Doobie Brothers - Long Train Running
Fading Away - Original
Extreme - More Than Words
Orient - Original
Falco - Rock me Amadeus
Radiohead - Creep
Extreme - Get the Funk out
Europe - Got to have Faith

it works and the people loved the Originals!

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