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Steven tyler - I don't want to miss a thing....
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Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & The Trinity - Streetnoise

This recording is filled with Julie's great vocals, especially on Indian Rope Man, When I Was Young & Vauxhall to Lambeth Bridge. She also does respectable versions of Light My Fire & Flesh Failures (Let The Sun Shine In), from Hair. Simply put, this recording is not only a vocal masterpiece for Julie, it's a musical masterpiece as well. :wink:
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mi2tom wrote:Steven tyler - I don't want to miss a thing....
yeh man!!! fuckin awsome.

Jack johnson is quite cool, but at the moment for me....

killswitch engage....end of heartbreak...sends shivers down my spine, and depresses me lol :? amazing voice
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Andreas Elling wrote: 3. John Lennon - Imagine

This song says it all, Its a vision of a perfect world, the way life is meant to be. This song has more meaning to me then any other song ever written. I think everyone in the whole wide world should take note of this song and live accordingly.
That's it :wink: 8) :D
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