Gary Moore sounds like a women

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Back to the Blues is great, really powerful with a fantastic version of "I Ain't Got You", which Aerosmith covered back in the late 70s and "Stormy Monday", it's all very cool though including his own compositions.

Scars is a return to a more straight ahead rock format, I thought it was just so so to be honest but you might want to give it a try for $5.

I don't know the other one you mentioned but he has a new one out, (12 months old anyway) called Power of the Blues which is really raw and powerful. It's got Bob Daisley on bass of Ozzy fame and Darren Mooney on drums.

Anyway take it easy... 8)

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Why didn't you go say Hi? I'm sure he'd have been happy to see someone your age that can appreciate what he does. He probably sat there saying to his mates "Kid smiling at me, probably thinks I'm a tool, and listens to Ja Rule and Brittany, kids these day shheeessh" Hahaha
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Thanx td, maybe I'll go back tomorrow & see if BttB is still there. :peace
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