vai vs petrucci

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In my opinion,I think that Steve is the moast creative guitarist alive.He composed so many compositions,and I mean compositios,that are so brilliant and can`t compare with other.He is musical genius,and you can`t compare him with another guitarist.Speed,technical ability...are just TOOLS for expression and for making your mind something other people can see,hear,and maybe understand...just maybe.....and how meny peple has recorded their thoughts,feelings,words...?Just how many?
And Steve did just that.You can hear his mind and thoughts,you can put your own in and you can enjoy in that problem free world....
Steve can do just that.How meny others can?Can you?
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Steve !!!. I hate these kinda posts because each guitarists has there own flair but i am not a huge DT fan to being with anyways so by default it goes to Steve
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