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just yesterday I was looking at my news feed on my face book page [Tommy Deluciano if any would like to visit and become friends ]I clicked on a link to velorum, now this particular link had every track from story of light ,mmmmm so I have listened to almost half of it for nothing thanks to the internet .

So Steve my old mate I wont listen to the other half untill I have gone to a CD shop and passed my money over the counter for my own copy,This is a great album ,really nothing else like it ,...I hear great Music ,its deep, groovy in places ,beautiful in other places.

I truly believe to put out an album like that you would need a lifetime of experiences for the Music to really mature, is well of coarse with great talent at the helm.

so in the next few days I will listen to the rest of the album when I purchase it and Im sure like the first half I will love to have it in my collection,.,.

Im looking forward to seeing it live if the tour comes to Australia ,..any one know when that may be if at all.

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