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Ok, my little review.....

I really like this DVD, the first time in put it in my player, I had a perminent grin etched to my face for the entire show!!

ok, so the postives:

Great playing by all 3 guitarists. Joe's new live sound is PERFECT, and it was great to hear Starry Night.

Steve was stellar - Never seen him play live before, and his facial expressions and his dominance over the guitar was was so inspiring, every time i see steve play, I pick up my guitar and play.

Yngwie is a technical giant, and a crazy guy, I thought he was thoroughly entertaining and his technique masterful, every solo perfect. A prime example of what can be achieved with planty of practice, although his songs sound samey after a while.

And all topped of with 5.1 surround sound! Perfect!!

The negatives:

Very lacking in special features, more back stage footage was needed, and an interview with all 3 guitarists would of been wicked. Was it me or the fretcam feature just footage of the concert with a little symbol on the screen, it didn't seem to do anything?

Vai only got 3 songs!!! I would of loved to of seen Whispering a prayer Live!!!

Overall, a great concert and DVD, although lacking in special features, makes up for in incredible concert footage by all 3 guitarists and its a total pleasure to watch every time. Thanks guys

P.S, See you in July Steve (bournemouth BIC)!!!
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All I can say after I have seen that DVD is,Yngwie sucks more than ever,and Steve absolutely BURN through "I know you are here".It´s one of the best and most moving musical pieces I have heard in a long time.Like Jaco in the Weather Report days,he start a little simple tape loop,and SHRED through it.WOW!!
The other 2 numbers from Steve is great too.Joe is Joe and is okay,but Yngwie... :shock:

I actually had a laughter attack when he started to kick...OMG. :lol:

Steve,damn man,you rule.
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I got the Astoria DVD for an early birthday present last Sunday, and had to have more. I went out and bought the G3 DVD yesterday! I saw the show when it came to my town last October, and was lucky enough to have Vai's entire band sign a white Carvin Custom Shop t-shirt for me. To end this side note, Steve and his band were very personable guys who treated the fans (including myself, my wife, and our 6-year-old son) with patience and kindness. For this, the Vai band has my utmost admiration and respect for their generosity towards their fans.

I've been a fan of the G3 headliners (and that includes Tony MacAlpine and Billy Sheehan) for almost 20 years now, so I was not disappointed with the DVD. It was nice to see/hear Vai songs on the G3 DVD that weren't on the Astoria DVD. A few things I noticed:

I've seen YJM twice and know what his attitude is all about. I admire his playing greatly, but during the jam it seemed he couldn't resist blowing his own horn and throwing 200 mph licks in everywhere. IMO, by the time they got around to trading fours YJM's schtick had gotten old and Steve and Joe dusted him anyway!

I just set up a 5.1 surround sound system in the living room, and it may be possible I don't have something set up right---but did anyone else have a hard time hearing Satch as clearly as the others during the jam? It's like he wasn't miked properly or turned up enough in the mix. Otherwise the audio was great (both DVD's)!

On my second viewing of the DVD I noticed the bottom neck of Steve's triple-neck is fretless. I'm a self-taught guitar player of 30 years and was wondering how in the hell he got that sound on that neck. I had to say "Duh!" to myself when I figured that one out.

The DVD is money well spent, but the bonus features could have been better. My idea of a "Fretcam" is putting a camera on the headstock aiming up the neck toward the pickups! And, I've played in bands for years and lighting is always the least important thing on my gig agenda--the diagram on the DVD didn't do much for me. I can understand how good lighting can enhance a production---it's just I worry more about sounding good than looking good.

Overall, the audio, video, and playing was top notch. I'm going to recommend this DVD to everyone I can think of, as well as show it to my bandmates (I play in a Southern Rock band in central North Carolina). I might even buy a couple more to send out as gifts. They'd get a real kick out of the musicianship displayed on this disc and they may even gain some insight as to where I'm coming from when I play. Then they won't look at me so funny the next time I tear up the solo to "Sweet Home Alabama"! :wink:
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I must admit, I watch and listen to this often and i'm getting more and more into Yngwie. While his tone hasn't grown on me yet, Evil Eye is such a wicked song, I can't get it out of my head (and with all those notes, my heads ready to explode). Triple neck is still the highlight though ;)
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yesterday I bought g3 dvd but multiple angle cameras feature doesn't work!

I press angle in my dvd remote when the fretboard appears.
On my screen appears a small camera (it's my dvd player software) and hitting the angle key on the remote a can change camera from 1 to 2 but the image is always the same..

Only the number changes but the image is still...

help me
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so I finally found me a G3 2003 DVD...Guess they sold out pretty quickly.

Anyway, here goes:

Cool set. Enjoyed midnight especially. Good sound..pretty raw and has a real live vibe to it, solid playing, what else..:) Can't go wrong with Joe.

After having watched that preview clip of I know you're hear a zilion times, I now finally could see it full screen and with good sound.
Damn you, there anything you can't do on one...three guitars? It's truly unique and clever. I love this tune to death.
As far as I'm concerned, sing more. You're above average and you have the perfect voice for it.
Juice is just a cool song to watch him play live.
Get the hell out of here, my lord...This is how I like to see and hear Steve live. It almost sounds unedited, complete with the occasional slip here and there which gives that live feeling, moreso than the Astoria songs. The jam with billy, dave and tony in that song is wicked! And I've never seen anyone strumm that fast for so long, that must be so hard.
Oh, and I like the new look too.

No bashing here. I'm not a particular fan of his music or his style. I appreciate him for what he is, someone who took guitarplaying to another level.
But I couldn't help but laugh...hard, when he started kickin' on stage.
I did enjoy the accoustic piece though, I thought that was briliant.

Here's some cool songs. Rocking in a free world is a cool tune.
Little Wing, one of my fav Hendrix songs.. I so loved how Steve worked this one on the astoria DVD. I had high hopes for this version, because I was sure that Joe would dig out some serious blues as only he can. And he did. Unfortunaly, a lot of the sound got washed out by the continues noises that came out of yngwie's guiter. Yngwie overplayed on that tune and with that somewhat ruined it for my liking. When someone else solo's, he oughta stfu..... :?
Voodoo Child, another classic. Yngwie certainly has a good voice for a raw bluesy rock tune. His playing on that was apart from the solo's fitting and tasty. This one too got overplayed.

The extra's:
..hmm... Liked the little video's.

9 out of 10.

Oh d'uh!
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Roxor CD man, i just cant get enough of it.
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I bought the 03' G3 DVD for $14 dollars and it was the best $14 I've spent all year!! I have played guitar for 16 years(Im now 28) and I have been following in Satch's footstep by bieng a Guitar Teacher for five of those. I have recommended ALL of my students get this DVD! some highlights:

First off, i love instrumental musicians, but Yngwie sucks. (IMHO) he does absolutley nothing that impresses me save for the fact that he was a speed demon in the eighties, had a car crash and Carpal Tunnel surgery and still can tear it up. (props to him for pressing on) but he really should just write classical music cause thats all he's good at. Do you like Diminished Arpeggios? Like fat, middle aged men in skin tight leather pants doing around the world 58 times in the first son alone? well then watch Yngwies 5 songs on the DVD and turn it off there and then. other wise, follow me into the BEST of the DVD.

SATCH: I not only worship Satriani's playing and teach his songs regularly, but I am in a Satriani Tribute band in Chicago called Lords of Karma. Satriani starts his set on the DVD with Satch Boogie and proceeds to blow the roof off the place with a more raw tone than on his last DVD Live in San Francisco.(I prefer his LISF tone better, but the new JSX amp tone is growing on me.) Starry night is great (nice to hear someone playing ACOUSTIC backing) Midnight is stellar with some new improvs that add to the Surfing version(not to mention its even FASTER than the original studio version) but for me the highlight of Joes 03' G3 DVD is Mystical Potato Head Groove thing. Not only is Satch's new ibanez flame guitar stunning, but he plays one of the, if not THE hardest lick/trick in his chops book: the Left Hand sweep arpeggios. If youve never seen Satch live or on film, prepare to be blown away! Kudos Satch!!!!

as for the mighty STEVE VAI, the man can do no wrong. I have the original Alien Love Secrets video, the Astoria DVD and now G3 03'. My favorite would have to be Astoria(for Whispering A Prayer and For the Love of GOD alone!) but this G3 DVD has 3 of the best Vai performances ive witnessed. The triple neck jam/intro is so beautiful i almost cried. He cranks into Juice and blows peoples minds. but that is a mere warm up for Im the hell outta here. You have 5 musicians just DESTROYING the stage, i can't describe in words. I DID cry when i saw that.

You cannot go wrong with anything that has VAI or Satriani in the lineup. I give it 4 out of 5, buy it, live it and FEEL the power.
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It's my first post and i am french. I'm sorry for my bad english.

I would like to tell what i think about this fantastic video.

First of all, the satch's part.

It is a very big and spectacular moment. He plays "midnight" ( :shock: :shock: ), and he shows us his new guitar... Thanks to him. e plays like everytime: very good.

Secondly, the Mr Vai's part.... :P

A very beautiful moment... His guitar with three neck.... :shock: :shock:. He plays juice ( the first time i see it), and the final with the fourth guitarist... Impressionnant, fantastic... I am very happy :D :D

The malmsteem part..... a big shit, he plays every time some chromatics notes and he has never feeling...

Finaly, the jam....

It will be perfect without malmsteem, but it's like that....

At the end I can tell: I LOVE VAI
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ok, my opinion from what i've seen of it ("it" being the dvd)... sorry if i'm repeating anything, but this is what i thought...
Joe's set... how should you look at the fact that he keeps playing all the same stuff from his old reportoire live? is it just there's that much demand for him to play his old fave's, or should i see this as meaning he hasn't managed to surpass himself on this yet? (don't have any of his newer albums aside from live in San Fran). as with the San Fran cd, i don't see what the point is of him having a second guitarist, as it's barely audible for the whole show. the performances were all reasonable for Joe, but i was a bit disappointed with his tone on Midnight. still reasonably good overall, but frickin' hell, let's hear some more new stuff live, Joe!

Sorry if i offend anyone, but watching Yngwie was, to me, like watching Jabba the Hutt scoff his chow: it's the same thing he's always done, it's self-indulgent for him, and watching it had me transfixed in a mixture of disgust and mild horror. yes yes, his technique is as good as ever, but i don't go for that because he's just too much of the same. i didn't mind him on the cd's of his i had, but only in small doses even then. the visual aspect of the show only highlights his complete lack of humility further, although even i'll admit that the guitar flinging is amusing.

Steve... YESSSS!!! you show 'em, you show-stealer you. the triple neck part of the show was good... my only complaint about that is you didn't do Fever Dream while you were at it, Steve :cry: . oh well... still good. Juice was good, even though there were a lot of other tunes that might have been better. like some others have observed, it's a lot like Satch Boogie, and you never seem to get a Satch set without that tune in it...
I'm the Hell Outta Here was easily my highlight of the whole dvd. Billy is just incredible when he gets a chance to cut loose. all the call-and-responses and harmonies with the harmonics were really amusing visually, well done. then of course you have the guitar duel between Steve and Tony, and the "interactive" ensemble guitar harmonies :lol: . anyone who's seen the dvd will know what i'm talking about. all in all very entertaining and great to see that Steve still doesn't take himself too seriously.

as for the jam, i much prefer the cd with Eric Johnson. Vai and Satch are really aware of each other musically, and you can see that even visually. meanwhile Malmsteen is completely incapable of "bigger picture" thinking. there's practically no interaction between him and either of the other two during the jam, and he seems unwilling to share the stage at all. he shreds at every opportunity, and Joe & Steve seem to follow suit. remember the jam of Red House on the first G3? i wish they could have done the same kind of tasteful blues solos to Little Wing, but that wasn't to be. i know i sound really whingy here... it was actually a pretty good jam aside from Malmsteen screwing up the balance of the whole thing.

overall i still like the whole thing. even if you're like me and are completely over Yngwie, this is still Joe and Steve doing what they do best. 'nuff said. :)
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That last post and many like it come from the small-minded trolls of the world who are totally threatened by Yngwie's guitar soloing superiority. I've watched the DVD about 50 times or so and pretty much have it figured out--watch one or two songs played by Joe Satriani, like Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing, and move right to the virtuosity displayed by Yngwie. Yngwie's acoustic performance showcases his incredible technical ability and is worth 10 times the price of the DVD.

The jam shows Satch and Vai, with mouths agape, enjoying Yngwie's sheer fluidity and speed. The only thing funny about the jam is watching Joe and Steve trying to play as fast as Yngwie. They're pulling out all of there electric guitar tricks in an attempt to rev it up, only resulting in the usual discordant and atonal diatribe we're used to from these two. Take away the electricity and Satch and Vai are totally hosed.

I have to give Satch and Vai credit though, they gave Yngwie plenty of space to show off and have fun. They all seemed to have fun and this particular G3 will be legendary, in contrast to the ones that went before and apparently to the ones in the future (Robert Fripp--give me a freakin' break!).
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Soothsayer wrote:That last post and many like it come from the small-minded trolls of the world who are totally threatened by Yngwie's guitar soloing superiority.
I'm sorry, I think you may have taken the wrong turn. is that way =>.

Seriously, it's all icecream, and your opion is like the others, an opinion. No need to call people small minded trolls because they have a diffrent view of things. And people here favor vai. What else did you expect at I don't consider anyones guitar soloing superior (except, they're all superior over mine..), I just happen to like vai's choice of notes, techniques and feeling better than those of Malmsteen.

C'est ça.
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Soothsayer wrote:That last post and many like it come from the small-minded trolls of the world who are totally threatened by Yngwie's guitar soloing superiority.
i find it hilarious that you would judge the size of someone's mind and their physical constitution based solely on an honest opinion, Sooth. i don't feel threatened in the slightest by Malmsteen's playing. to tell the truth, his playing is a great example to follow for those (myself included) trying to build up some decent chops. the example stops there, though. i love Vai for his diversity, taste and ability to acknowledge the talent of others as well as his own. none of those traits can be found in Malmsteen IMHO. as i said earlier, i much preferred the jam with EJ, because none of the 3 were trying to prove anything, they were just doing what they do best - play with taste.
i could say a lot more, but i acknowledge that my review was long enough as it is. let me just leave you with this...
the definition of an all-around phenomenal musician is someone capable of shredding continuously for 20 minutes... and in spite of that acknowledges the value of some decent "feel" playing as well.
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Hey I love Yngwie, I'm even in his fanclub, but his acoustic playing on the cd and dvd was very sloppy and he missed a lot of notes. And it just doesn't sound very good on nylon strings.

p.s. the Toronto bootleg dvd's are way cooler than the regular one. But don't buy it 'cause that would be wrong.
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New to this forum, and my first visit here.
I see myself as maybe the biggest Vai fan in the world, as all of You do.
As it turned out, I could'nt attend the G3 concert in Gothenburg, the ticktes went for 60 bucks and I was heading for vacation the week after. So I bought he DVD instead. Productionwise, it's a hit. Easy navigation, nice 5.1 mixjob, extremely good footage.

As for the Satch set, it was a disappointment for me. I really like his playing and have all his records, but he's boring on stage. He really could have chosen som niftier tunes like "Lords of Carma", "Summer Song", You know, the signature Satch surf songs witch drives You nuts. No stuntshow or playing frenzy like Steve always gives You. But 3/5 for shure.

When The Master enters the stage, the halo already shines brightly. He really is God of Guitar. The triple neck intro is truly amazing, extremely sensitive and innovative. So Steve. I have problems keeping my tears back watching and listening to it. Its really beautiful. Juice is the reason I don't play anylonger. I can't go there, so why bother anylonger. The third piece is also new to me. And if Steve had'nt proved His ingenious and showmanship before, he does it now. Unsurpassed stringdom wizardry. The part where all the axemen are changing necks are brilliant and hillarious. The duel with Tony are mindbowling, Tony has always been what fatboy yngwie never has. For me, Steve is the best guitarist ever. And what a band! Billy is better than ever! And a total hit to brin in Tony aswell!
100 points easily for His appearance.

Yngwie is a space cadet. Sloppy, unprecise, vulgar and too much of everything in the wrong place. So outdated! A total drawback and a disgrace for Sweden. Shure he's fast, but can You hear it? and with that scalloped necks.....1/5

The final part could have been great if it wasn't for Yngwie, and when all 3 are aoloing over one another, it gets too mushy. 6/10 in all for that part.

Steve - if You read this - please return to Gothenburg next year! Please! I'll pay myself if it's necessary.
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