How did you discover Vai ??

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I knew of Steve from Whitesnake but I learned A LOT about him when I met my husband 12yrs ago. Now we share his music with our daughter.
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Great question.

It was Joe Satriani that got me started on Steve Vai. My guitar teacher taught me the riff from Always with me, Always with you, and that got me started on Joe Satriani and I fell in love with his music from that point. After buying some Satch albums, I found out about G3 etc and that got me started on Vai. My first Vai album was Alien Love Secrets and it remains as my second fave Vai album(only second to Fire Garden)
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I heard of Steve Vai a long time ago in the 90's, but... A few years back, there was always this cd of Passion and Warfare lying around. So one day I got curious and popped it in. I'm sure glad I did that because what came out of those speakers blew me away.
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I saw Joe and Steve and Brian May for the first time on television. ( live concert @Sevilla 1992- i still have the video).
I was convinced that they couldn't play the same song twice and tought they were improvising. So I bought a CD of Satch and .... it was the same song :o
From that moment on I became a fan of both of them.
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I had 3 chances to discover STEVE VAI.The first time when I heard the news that the guitarist, named Steve Vai,became a member of Alcatrazz, in place of YJM. (I was 14 at that time. :o )

Then, DLR Band on TV show in 1986. I still remember it very well. :D
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(from JOURNAL ARCHIVES:1986-1987)

But it took about 14 years I became a fan. Though that was the first time for me to see Steve's concerts(the Ultra Zone Japan Tour 2000),it made me a fan at last! :wink:
atrixwolfe wrote:I'm proud to be a fan!
Exactly! :D
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I bought Whitesnake "Slip of the Tongue" because I loved the self-titled WS CD. I didn't follow up on Vai then. I bought Alice Cooper's "Hey Stoopid" with Vai & Satch on "Feed My Frankenstein".

I think I finally bought "Passion & Warfare" because I kept seeing his name pop up when I would read about Satch.

I really got into Vai after seeing him live on the Fire Garden tour. And I've seen him 5 times since. He's my favorite musician ever, and I'm a drummer!
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Someone gave me a tape with David Lee Roth's Skyscraper on it (I think this happened in 1988 :wink: ). And I thought, "Wow... Who's that guitar player??!!". Then (a year later or so) someone other played me Steve's Flex-Able and I remember how fast they (little green men) knocked me out. :lol: Since then - I am a fan. :)
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Great Question by the way. My dad is a guitarist and he would always buy Guitar Player magazine. He came home with the Frank Zappa/I'm Different issue. I had always liked Frank's music and there is the famous 'first' interview with the stunt guitarist.

I read it and thought this guy is really cool he had a little lesson on synthetic scales and was anti drug and all that stuff. I wasn't even playing guitar yet, just read the magazine! haha But I always remembered him and thought he was a good role model! haha

He has always had a very level head. Always complimentary to other artists/guitarist. He never has taken the "I'm the best" attitude. I have an oooolllllld Charvel ad with Steve and all these other endorsers of Charvel and he looks so out of place, like he always deserved to be 'featured' and not lumped in with all these other guys! haha

peace and light
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About four or five years ago I heard something by Steve on the radio. Ten minutes later I was in the music store buying his CDs. That was the greatest music discovery in my life, no doubts about that.
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bout 4 or so years ago my freind introduced me to this odd fellows music by the name of Joe Satriani. The vai, I was more of a Satch person at frist. Then I started buying some vai albums, I was hooked.

My favorite has to be Passion and Warfare.
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... the first thing for me was Sevilla 91 on TV!

With Brian May, Nuno, Satch and so on ...

I kept watching it over and over! Than I bought Passion & Warfare!

... this is CLASSIC!

*no I'm very very shy*
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Back then it was Ed and only Ed with me. I thought that it couldn't get any better than EVH, and then one day....

I was at a friends house watching this special he recorded that was for Les Paul I think? They had a bunch of people playing at the same time like Slash and other Gibson signature players, Steve was like the only one not playing a Gibson and I was like "who is that?"

Then out of left field Steve played this run on the guitar that almost gave Les a heart attack and knocked me on my ass and we rewinded the tape like 50 times just to watch it over and over!

Then I soon bought P & W along with all of Steve's other albums. The topper was soon after when Ultra Zone came out and getting to see him live along with meeting him after the show. I couldn't believe how cool and accessible he made himself to his fans after the show.

....and the rest is history. :)

Thank you Steve!


P.S. - I think you should play an arrangement of Western Vacation on your next tour!
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jag hörde från en kompis att han var en riktigt duktig gitarr spelare och att han gjorde bra musik, så jag kollade upp honom och nu är man fast=).

it was mutch easyer in swedish to explain=)
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hmmm, i remeber i was rentin out the time machine album from the local libary and they sent me 'alive in an ultra world' i was like what the f*** is this, with my dissapointment i strated listenen and was hooked
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I'd read a few guitar magizines and other guitarists I liked had name checked him. I thought I'd buy one of his cd's just to see. When I buy a new group or artist I get the cheapest cd with the most amount of songs. It was P&W...
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