How did you discover Vai ??

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I first discovered Vai in the early '80s through the Zappa albums "Shut Up And Play Yer Guitar" (all three volumes) and "The Man From Utopia" followed by "Them Or Us" when they first came out. From that point I discovered "Flexable".
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My friends dad had some DLR VHS casette and there was Yankee Rose & Goin´Crazy on it...we were 13 at the time...I liked the guitar enough to start playing the drums :shock:
...I did'nt think it was possible to play guitar that well... :D
I have since tried to prove myself wrong...
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I've realised that Steve Vai exist and that He is a great guitarist (for me the greatest on the planet) when I was in Highschool, in 1999. It was a Big Holiday for me!!!
Since that time I've started to play on the guitar too...

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i found the 1996 g3 o my jezus solo on a website and i decided to look up some of his stuff and i was hooked by the riddle
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I first heard the name "Steve Vai" associated with DLR. I was also exposed to Yankee Rose in 1986, buying Eat 'em & Smile! Then in '88 Skyscraper. I liked these two CD's more than Halen's 5150 or OU812, simply because of Vai...and Sheehan. I went "back" and got Flexable and eventually Leftovers, but they failed to impress me - still don't. I see these as Steve's formative years for his eventual solo career...but nothing I even listen too today.

I thought the Whitesnake thing was "weird," and still do. I recall anticipating P&W more than any of Steve's previous works - after listening to it I couldn't wait for a follow-up...too bad it took until 1995 (in my book) for that worthy follow-up!

My collection goes back to Alcatrazz, and I have heard some Zappa stuff with Steve - but I in no way shape or form can get into any Zappa to save my life - I'm sure the greatness of Zappa goes way over my head, but it all sounds like drivel and noise; although My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama is a cool song, but nothing noteworthy...just my taste.

Steve lost me (or I lost him?) on S&R and I still don't like that CD. The day Steve put out ALS and continued down the solo path was a happy day for me!!

Stranger still - I love Devin Townsend and Steve Vai - just not together!

That's my story...and I'm sticking to it! :wink:
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Rather interesting story, actually. When I picked up the guitar, you start hearing about all of the big "Guitar Gods," i.e Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen, all of the classic rock guys. You read "Guitar World" and you get all of the latest info on the best guitarists out there. Whiled doing this, my friend got into Joe Satriani, and I followed. I heard about his student, Steve Vai, and I went onto iTunes and listened to some of his stuff. I downloaded "Bad Horsie" and "Lucky Charms." (I went off of what sounded best out of the thirty second samples; "Horsie" sounded like cool metal, and "Charms" was so weird I had to get it. I still love both of these tracks.)

I haven't gone back since.
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Whitesnake. I can remember hearing yankee rose and the talking guitar part but I was very young and wasn't able to follow Steve's career. I was big into Whitesnake and I remember the first time I put SOTT in the c.d. player and pushed play. I was floored. The most incredible guitar playing I have heard at the time. A couple of years after that I traded a Bad Company c.d. for P&W tape. Each of his releases is creative and inventive. Thanks Steve for a lifetime of amazing music.
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Yankee Rose video! I remember my friends and talking about the guy who could make his guitar talk!
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Youtube is how i found all my favorite guitar players (Apart from EVH)
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On the first G3 DVD and it took me a while to like him and even watch him but when I did boy did I like that music.
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My dad borrowed a cassette version of 'Passion & Warfare' from a friend and I ended up being the one to listen to it. This was way back in '91 or '92 I think. I didn't like it right away, I remember. I thought 'Secrets Of Love' was much too weird, but I liked 'I Would Love To' and FTLOG of course.

Today it's my fave VAi album and I've listened to it countless times. I think it's probably THE definite guitar instrumental album.
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I remember my guitar teacher told me about him and satch but i didn´t pay much attention since my guitar hero was joe perry, but i saw him playing along with slash and others at les pauls birthday and thought he brought a diverse aproach to the jamming and the guitar was really different (the white jem). Since then (2004 when he came to Argentina with the g3 i listened in a regular basis all his stuff-and of course that got me into guitar virtuosos as satch, gilbert, johnson, petrucci, malmsteen, john 5, etc)

pd: joe perry is number 2 in my list now
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I didn't know Jack Butler was Steve Vai but when I saw the movie as a kid, my jaw hit the deck.

So...years go by.

I lend all my G & R Tab books to an older guy. In return he gave me three cassette tapes. Pashion & Warfare, Surfing With The Alien, Feel This by Jeff Healy. Never saw my tab book again. 3 tab books £20 each....£60!

The tapes stayed in the draw for months. I then found the tapes again months later. "Better play these" PW was up first & I thought.." I've seen that face before"...BING..Arr.

Who watches the credits on a film as a

Lost my tab books around 92.
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I got into Vai when I was over my friends house and he showed me some of vai's stuff on his guitar then we went on the internet on youtube and looked at his songs and I was hooked and have started guitar because of himself, satriani and petrucci have influenced me with their excellent guitar skills
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I discovered Vai about 6-7 years ago. I was searching for new pickups for my axe, I heard that Dimarzio make great pickups so i went into their website and listened to some samples. i stumbled on some sample-songs called "The blood and tears" and "Jibboom" and i thought to myself: OOO MY GOD!! I directly ran out to the store and bought the ultra zone cd. Well now i have all the records and dvd's and some great memories from suberb concerts here in Sweden:)
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