Rhythm Guitar and the 80's

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Rhythm Guitar and the 80's

#1 Post by Sonu75666 » Wed Jan 25, 2017 11:06 pm

I always had this question for Steve about Rhythm Guitar and the 80's .

Back then Glam was huge I mean really big out there in the states but another style of Metal started at the same time I believe in San Francisco , very different I mean a Totaly different world of music from the Glam scene - Harder, Heavier, Faster and more aggressive -- A real No Holes Barred Take no Prisoners type of an approach . The Thrash/Speed Metal scene .

My question is -- What's his take on that style from a Riff/Rhythm guitar point of view and whether you have any favorites - Riffs, Songs,Bands,Guitar Players, Albums etc .

Is he a fan or friends with the guys in Metallica or Megadeth ? I've never scene a pic of him with those guys.

I also noticed something on the website. I saw pics of all his guitars and not even one Flying V, Explorer, BC Rich Warlock or any of the Sleeker looking guitars for that matter

Any plans of touring Asia and India for that matter. Please let me know


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