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#1 Post by Stetto » Sun Aug 28, 2016 5:26 pm

I saw your true fire video and just wanted to say thanks. I took me years(around 30) to find out about the things you are talking about. They are life lessons and fundamental to existence. Someone of your stature will influence a whole generation and get them going in the right direction.

I came from science and went in to music and could simply not understand music and how it was created. I studied theory for 10 years(classical, jazz, etc), watched 100's of videos, etc. There was no logic I could find to "create" music. I suppose I was looking for a formula at the time. I had no musical experience and no environmental support(no musicians around me). Through my pursuit I learned things about life that have totally changed my understanding(this has happened all recently).
Everything you are talking about in the video, the "philosophical" meaning is fundamental and crucial not only for musical understanding and expression but for harmony in life in general, in my opinion.

So I'm just writing to say thanks for contributing in a positive way to life. It's always nice to feel a connection to someone that has reached a similar understanding.

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