Old fan letters - pre Internet

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Old fan letters - pre Internet

#1 Post by b2 » Mon Aug 08, 2016 2:13 pm

I have been a Steve Vai fan since the David Lee Roth days.
And a user here at the forum for some years.

I remember I read somewhere something about Steve Vai sending out "fan letters" in the pre Internet days?
I don't remember what they where called/named, so not sure what I could search for on Google etc.

Is some of these old letters stored here at vai.com or another website maybe?
Would be interesting to see some of these just for the look, contents and a "blast from the past".

And these letters must have been sent out by ordinary postal delivery service at that time,
so how many and how often if anyone got some information about this?

Maybe I should try to send a "snail mail" to the address at the back of my Flexable LP and
see if it still works :)

Thanks for any information or link/URL to source of information.

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