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PostPosted: Mon Nov 18, 2013 9:09 am 

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Hi Guys and Girls,

I'm new here. Been a fan of Steve's for as long as I can remember. His playing and practice techniques are a great inspiration for my own, but also his outlook on life has really been a great help.

I've been working on some YouTube videos for the benefit of others in which I show how it's possible to play pleasing guitar instrumental solo's purely in Open G tuning.

The Naked Tracks have been 'instrumental' in developing my style and I would like to be able to demonstrate this using various Naked Tracks as the backing.

I note that there are many covers played to Naked Tracks already on YouTube but I would be uploading my own arrangements played to the tracks.

Is there a potential copyright problem here. No money will be made from this. I don't even monetize my videos.

Obviously I could just upload them like others do, but that's not my style.

From previous experience whereby a radio was playing in the background of one of my videos, the YouTube 'sensors' detected the music and I had to complete a copyright questionaire.

Sorry for the long, long question and thank you,

Kev :guitar

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 19, 2013 12:19 pm 
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madonna, paul mcartney, springsteen, the rollings, lady gaga, tom cruise... none of the rich ones will give population back the supermoney received from us, never an apology for using us as bees in a manipulation by media propaganda, even cobain that critizised the mainstream dinosaurs finally become one. I'm agree with giving money to those talented but most musicians are just a commercial product done by so many people emulating what it has done in a remix overthought to be liked to mainstream. In my personal case i am inventor that cannot publish my music theory finished in 1998 because internet made patents, copyrights, intellectual properties and author rights A JOKE, it's never respected, you can download whatever you want so it's impossible nowadays to be a creator and earn money, imagine you are tesla or edison today and you have just discovered something good to whole humanity, you would not get a coin, your idea will be stole and copied very fast, in my case i cannot ask for half the money of every music teacher if they use my new music rules that i'm sure would made everyone erase and thrown their music theory books and sites, i cannot become as rich as michael jackson although i have very useful information. when a musician plagiates so much as led zepelin did they doesn't give their complete money to those copied or to poor countries, anyone can play music, everybody now could with our computers so milions of youtubes and other sites has more videos than your complete timelife. In the past we used to listen just the few artists that went to tv for some reason, our parents would followed and enjoyed those chosen to be famous but i cannot see any quality in most of them for example the superseller julio iglesias, anyone nowadays is doing better than him but getting no money and i wander if it's unpolite to use population to change their music taste creating fashions and even the fact of earning money for playing music as a job, the other day i chose not to use some sounds and later i was surprised similar sound was on "work bitch" by britney spears with 30 milion watched on youtube, but who can say "this sound is mine?", it's same than saying "this land is mine" there's a south park episode about this and they joke about metallica's pool because they lose money with pirate downloads and stop being so millionares to just be a little millionaire instead. how can thom yorke have so many fans? i realized my voice is almost a clone of him by natural coincidence but he was on mtv before and i'm unknown poor. I would mention to you that if you are using the vai's naked tracks you should transpose it down like about a quarter of semitone to sound on 440Hz or you'll sound out of tune when jamming. Most musicians should be grateful if people covers them, remember their songs instead of ban. Try to redo songs instead of copying exactly as someone did, maybe your time and melody finishes, completes the original song in a better insteresting way. Love you from spain.

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