2 Cellos/Highway to Hell with Steve Vai - awesome video

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I just stumbled across this video on YouTube. It was a cover of Highway to Hell with 2 Cellos(never heard of until now) and Steve Vai. Very funny video at the beginning and cool all the way through. Steve is always funny in his videos. He should be a comedic actor if he ever stops playing guitar.

Just one question if anybody knows. One of the comments pointed out that the guitar isn't plugged up in the video. I didn't notice this the first time through, second time I did(after reading comments). Was the video shot live as they played it or did they simply sync the video to the music afterwards? Man if they did, its hard to tell that also. Especially with all the people there.

Either way, this video was a treat I just happened to stumble on. If you haven't seen it you definitely wanna check it out on YouTube.
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I really love this cover!
Since neither of them is plugged in it´s all playback obviously (like in every music video).
But the producers really could have bothered to plug Steve´s guitar in to make it a bit more authentic imo :lol: .
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