My wife of... years

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My wife of... years

#1 Post by bahati1977 » Wed Jul 17, 2013 6:32 am

Hi, I read with great interest the article you wrote about the new composition where you hold a note for a good 17minutes while the orchestra plays on. You talked about mixed reactions about the piece, but what really cought my attention is the part where you say that your best artistic critic, that is your wife, you said, well, she happened to like it, and that's the most important...

I've heard you talking about your wife in some other interview that I saw earlier, and talking about her, you said "My wife of... years" (can't remember how many). That made me feel good. I can't tell why, but it just did :-)

I wanted to ask if you can say that more often :-)

Jean from Norway.

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