Autographs after the shows?

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Autographs after the shows?

#1 Post by plissken » Fri Jun 28, 2013 8:42 am

Hello, this is my 1st post, though I've looked in here from time to time.

I've been a fan of Steve Vai since I saw the Eric Clapton Crossroads guitar concert and was blown away when Vai took the stage, since then I've devoured all things Steve Vai. Discovering him led me to be a full on guitar head and discover more amazing artists, since then I've seen Satriani in concert twice(plus once with Chickenfoot), it will be 3 times this September! Also twice with Yngwie Malmsteen, but Steve in that time had not come to Texas until now, I was starting to think he never would lol.

I would have loved to buy a ticket for the Evo experience, but my concert budget was already maxed out before he announced a date. Saw Malmsteen 2 months ago, got Satriani tickets, got tickets to see Megadeth with Black Label Society and others, and a VIP ticket to the Black Sabbath show in Austin next month, and I almost never see live shows lol.

Anyway my main question is, does Steve like to hang around and sign stuff on his way to the tour bus? I have the Ibanez Jem, and it would be excellent to have him sign it(at the bottom so I can still play it)! I have 4 guitars, and it remains my favorite.

P.S. Steve if your reading this, you gotta some songs on Rocksmith!! :guitar

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Re: Autographs after the shows?

#2 Post by EyE » Mon Jul 01, 2013 2:17 am

Evo Experience would be your biggest change for him to sign stuff but sometimes you may catch him on his way out.

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