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PostPosted: Tue Aug 05, 2014 8:58 am 

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There are only 2 difficult passages on FTLOG that prevent players from playing this tune. I'm sure if you play the guitar, you have tried to play it, only to be stuck due to these 2 passages.The rest of FTLOG is easy and simple, anyone who has been playing for a few years can play that.

Same thing for all steve's tunes, they all have 2 or 3 fast passages, that unless you know the correct pick strokes, fingering, nuances, where to add legato, and everything to the last detail, you won't be able to play them up to speed.

The first solo, which is alternate picking with legato, it is the fastest part of the song. You will never be able to play this correctly unless you use the right pick strokes, and legato sequences.

The first sequence is easy, and all he does is legato on the 14th and 19th fret, and then some changes, this part always varies, but the next part doesn't.

It starts on the 13th and 19th fret, and what Vai does is, he starts with an upstrokes on 19th, so on every string, he always ends on an upstroke. When you play down, the pick is stuck between strings, and when you play up, the pick is free. This allows him to play this part very fast.

Below, you can see how we start on an upstroke, and always end on an upstroke, this allows for fluidity, and speed, because you don't have to string hop at all


The same concept applies to the next pattern on the 17th and 22th fret, same thing, just different notes, always starting with an upstroke, and ending on an upstroke


He repeats this 3 times, so he ends on an upstroke on the 22th fret, then he runs up a sequences of legato with alternate, to the 5th string and all the way down to the first string on the 15th fret.

As you can see, if you know the right fingering, pick strokes, and when to add legato, is not that hard after all, it SEEMS hard, because he plays it fast

The other difficult passage is the one at the end, is a chromatic run, where almost everything is alternate, is played palm muting, this part is difficult to transcribe, but all the tabs have it wrong, I'm sure the way steve plays it live, is much easier, with less string hopping, the tabs version makes it complicated

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