Somebody's got a birthday coming up...

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HAppy Birthday Steve Vai,I guess by now ,you would probably have blown the candles of your cake by placing it next to your Amp.I love your music and will see you soon in Perth Australia (just got my ticket Yesterday).You re amazing!!! :guitar :headbang
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Happy birthady Sir ! Feliz cumpleaños desde Buenos Aires !
Florent Atem
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Happy Birthday, Steve!

All the best and greetings from Tahiti!

Iaorana e mauruuru!

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Happy birthday Steve, you're simply the best, thanks for your music and the magic your share with us.
It would be awesome if you could tour here in south america and visit Peru, you have many fans here who truly love your music and appreciate your talent.

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Mr. Vai,

Happy Birthday to the greatest guitarist on this planet! It was so great to see you live in Milwaukee once again after 5 years back in September. You are an awesome person; a pure class act. I had the pleasure of meeting you back in 2007. Please make it back here ASAP!
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Happy Birthday Steve!! I've really been enjoying The Story of Light, lately, in addition to your other records. Can't wait till you tour North America again! Have a good one!
shane allen
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Steve Vai a Happy Birthday.. :guitar
Don't forget steve you are the best at what you do with out you i would never play guitar..
Have to say A very big Thanks .
Im hoping that i can see you on stage in Adelaide Australia..
Big Regards
Shane Allen
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No effusion of words. Just these ones: Happy birthday Steve.

You have become one of the greatest guitar players thanks to your determination – and a lot of work of course. You've always kept your goal in mind and you've done it. For these reasons, you are a source of inspiration in whatever I do!

a french fan

– please apologize for any potential mistakes.
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Steve Vai, wish you all the best! Unfortunatle we got a few, if i can say so, talanted people in this world. I would like to wish a good health for you. And, play Steve, play and write as much as you can.
Happy BD!
All the Best!
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Have a good one SV!
Wishing and hoping for many more years of great music!
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Hello and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Wish you even better life, I wish you to progress even more as a guitarist,musician,composer,person,human,individual.

You reinvented guitar and her playing style... Of course you inspired generation of guitarists who worship to you every day,seriously if you would like to have your army just upload video on youtube saying "artist been quiet for too long,its our time now,take a gun and shoot arpeggios". Ok, that's enough...
And just in case you feel you getting old. You never get old if you progress and don't start thinking all day long how much you know.

Every day is Christmas morning.


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Happy birthday, and much happy wonderful musical noisy stuff.
Vladimir Gookov
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Happy Birthday, Dear Steve! We`re waiting for your next visit in Omsk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I´m late but wish a happy b-birthday. love and peace and people in love arround you.
Michaela :)
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I am late to this year, must admit I forgot you this time :oops:
But happy birthday and good luck on the road and with everything else!
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