Somebody's got a birthday coming up...

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Muchas felicidades Steve!!!!

Happy Birthday from Madrid (Spain)

Can´t wait to see you here the 18th of june... :guitar
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Hey Steve, Nathan Gabriel here :p

Happy Birthday and best of luck with the tour and any other endeavours you decide to do this year.
I shall see you in Melbourne backstage and front row. Thanks for everything, have an awesome day!
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Happy birthday Steve! Have a wonderful show tonight.
Thank you for your words and your glorious music. You have encouraged me to fight for my dreams since I was a little girl. And thanks for choosing me to go up on stage with you in Barcelona, that changed my life. I've seen you three times in one year, and I've travelled to Holland two times to see you. I would do it again.
Have a fantastic day :)
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Happy Birthday Steve! You've been the biggest inspiration to me and my playing, and every time I go out on stage, I try to be just like you. Thank you for revolutionizing guitar playing, and shaping me into the guitarist I am today! -Bobby
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Happy Birthday, Steve!
I wish you infinitely many ideas and inspirations for new songs, more and more joy from playing and composing, good health, a lot of luck and love and yours dreams come true :)
Also I thank you for this beautiful music, which is very touching and brings me a lot joy and inspiration even if I'm not a musician. It's like a another, indescribable dimension or better "other side of space" :)
So... my Little Italian Virtuoso remember: Don't stop and keep going!

PS. I can't wait to see you in Poland in next week!
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Happy Birthday Steve!!! I was able to meet you in Salina, KS as part of the EVO package and wanted to say thank you for all that you do, and thank you for all the beautiful music!!
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Happy Birthday! No better way on this universe to enjoy a birthday as you did, and i hope that great smile of yours was stuck hardly into your face this day and forever.
Even though you don´t know me, at all, having you playing into my ears brightens up my every-day life and i thank you greatly for that.
Keep doing that weird thing you´re doing, ´cause it´s definitely working.

Greetings from a fan in Mexico
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Have a happy birthday. Keep up the great works.
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Steve, Happy Birthday! Keep on being creating beautiful music and being the nice person... Thanks for visiting Slovenia last time. I was very honored to see you, and would definitely like to see you again. Happy Birthday and thanks, keep on rocking Steve!

Sending you warm regards from Slovenia, but currently in Vienna.
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Happy birthday, Steve! Hope to catch you down in Boston again soon!

Ron in Maine
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----Message from your fans in Indonesia---

Happy bornday Mr. Steve, I'm just watch your action from youtube. How great of your tone, note & melody !
And you know that Mr. Steve? Aliens love secrets, and your songs, For the Love of God. Teach me fully. I'm sorry for my bad pronounciations and grammar. Once more, happy birthday Mr. Steve. God bless your family and musicality.

Warm Regards from TobingBlues in Jakarta, Indonesia
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Dear Steve,

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a fantastic day and look forward to seeing you in Sydney next month!

Much Love,
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Best wishes for great birthday Steve! The inspiration to play guitar when I was a teen in mid 80's came from you and that inspiration is as strong today as it was then...still playing my vinyl copy of Flexable Leftovers. Look forward to seeing you in Australia next month.

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Happy Birthday Steve, from Portland OR!

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Hey Steve,

Hope you had a special day!


- Ken (u play that?)
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