Somebody's got a birthday coming up...

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Happy birthday Steve!!! you are an inspiration to me and so many others. You deserve the best on your special day and EVERY day.
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An Ultra-Happy Birthday to you Steve, all the way from Malta (the one in the Med, just below Sicily!)

:guitar 8) :headbang
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Happy birthday Steve Vai!

I will keep it short and simple because I am sure it is tedious to go through a lot of long messages (though I would have wished to write a truly long one):

You are one of the artists that inspire me the most. Your music speaks to me on many levels. The passion and dedication you put into your music is incredible. I have seen you in most of you concerts you performed in in Romania and I can say that your stage presence is unbelievable. You truly are an inspiration and an influence to the world we live in!

Again, happy birthday!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE!!! thank you for inspiring my playing and being a big part of my musical life! always a pleasure to listen, hear, and see you play!

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I made this for your birthday. Naturally, nowhere close to your genius and mastery, but anyway, happy birthday! :) Keep on rocking! And come to Slovenia again some time, please :P :guitar" onclick=";return false;
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[color=#0040FF]Happy Birthday! genius! Greetings from Argentina![/color]
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HB steven @!@@!! see you to geneve

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Hola Steve
Soy stephanie una guitarrista colombiana de 19 años de edad.
Quería desearte un muy muy feliz cumpleaños al lado de las personas que mas quieres.
Te doy las gracias por que tu musica me ha inspirado todos estos años para ser una gran guitarrista en especial tu canción "for the love of god" eres mi ídolo y espero verte pronto en Colombia Bogota. Aquí te estaremos esperando con los brazos abiertos siempre.

Feliz cumpleaños Steve u are my inspiration. :guitar
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Happy Birthday Steve! Have a good one and enjoy it with the fam!!
Cheers, John :wink:

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Happy birthday from Osaka,Japan!

I always thank you,beautiful songs,brilliant words from your shinny wisdom on your past amazing experience.
It's unimaginable and I cannot express it with words well.
So only one thing I do...thank you for your living.

I'm waiting for your coming again at Osaka!

(the Love of )God bless you.
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Steve, congratulations on your birthday, you are a very kind and special human being, and it's been an incredible experience every time I had the chance to talk to you or even play with you on stage!.

I hope to see you soon again
Juan Coronado" onclick=";return false;

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Synyster Gates inspired me to pick up the guitar, groom on my technical skills & learn music theory.
YOU inspired me to READ music and also learn theory :)

Thank you,Steve Vai, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY !
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Have an awesome crazy loving happy happy birthday mr. Vai. You're a champion!
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Hiiii steve, happy birthday, keep making those masterpieces that i like to hear everyday, good luck in all of your tours in all places, i hope you too come to mexico, i send you a big hug, take care steve :headbang :guitar
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Hi Steve, Folks here!!!

I wish you a very very Happy birthday and I want to thank you for so many years of music and inspiration.

After winning every award and achieving each goal you could ever imagine, you keep writting, recording, touring and dreamin'.

That make you special, so please... DON'T CHANGE!!!.

Greetings from Spain.
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