Video "For The Love Of God" - 23 years later...

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Video "For The Love Of God" - 23 years later...

#1 Post by Deyo » Wed Feb 13, 2013 3:21 am

I've been on this forum since (1996 or something..), and Vai's fan since 1992. when I (11 y.o) accidentally borrowed P&W cassette from a friend..who, for some reason even looked a little bit like Steve :P

FTLOG has been like a holy grail since then...something about the tune, the vibe..atmosphere of the song.. haunting lydian..slides..whammy extravaganza..and then.. seeing guitarist and his visual image, his style, hair, all that monk meets Cherokee... really stuck with me and left me astonished to this day..
And then, back in 93' there was a late night hardrock/heavy metal tv show on Croatian television..and they played FTLOG video..that was it :shock: it was so beautiful, with mountains..snow..the vai completely dressed as lonely indian..on his walk through higher hills , to find the truth.. i was mesmerized.. 23 years latter.. this winter in Croatia, is very snowy.. for the last two months it has been snowing all the time... and after Steve's concert in November 2012...I got that "Steve bug" all over again.. just like i was 12 again.. I've been intoxicated with the melody all over again.. basically listening to it almost every day, when going to work..back home.. jogging.. all the time.. amplified by the fact that it's snowing most of the you get 5D experience :wink:

Isn't that amazing ? Because FTLOG is, for sure, one of those songs i played most times ever, out of whole music library... year ago, i would easily say i knew every second, every bit of it... but then magic happened... i rediscovered this beautiful i was hearing it for the first time..i learned to play it exactly like on album version.. and even that wasn't enough... now I'm enjoying the video almost every day...
Well, i guess i went a little off from what i was about to talk, and that is video for song...but you'll forgive me :geek: :D it's my b-day and I'm happy :lol:

Anyway..i just wanted to share this with you... guitarist era is probably over..and we will hardly ever witness music like 80-90's.. videos like "I would love to" and "FTLOG"... so i just wanted to share some of my thoughts about how this video really compliments and accompanies the tune very very well... from the very beginning when Steve does some kind of chant...looking so young, with all the symbolism, costuming, stage setting.. walking in mountain tops... through snow...while playing melody such as FTLOG... nothing short of beautiful.. I did a little research..and found out about the location of video.. it's in California..and most of the video was shot by his wife Pia, which is kind of funny 8)

anyway... I'm just so glad i lived in this era, and had opportunity to be exposed to some of the best melodies ever

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