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To Steve

#1 Post by chriscopter » Thu Nov 15, 2012 2:03 am

hello Steve,

I am the proud parent of a nine year old "special child"- guess it's the term used to say he is disable...
anyway, Hypolite my son, me and my wife Isabelle, will be attending your show on monday at the Olympia in Paris.
For us, the past years have been hard as hell, and yet with people like you, we have moments in our life were the sun
is shining a bit more over our heads.
My wife and I are always very much impressed as how music can touch our son Hypolite and help him being another boy,
a better boy...
You've always been an inspiration for me and now it seems you are an inspiration for my son Hypolite.
Once in a while, we are "Whispering a prayer" together, and from time to time, it seems you are part of the family
and part of the whole "therapy process" engaged over the last years for our son Hypolite.
Anyway, thank you for being the artist and simply the person you are.
We probably won't have the chance to meet you on monday evening but I am pretty sure we'll be "spiritualy" together.

Wish you the very best...


p.s: sorry for my poor english.

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