Steve Vai - EUROPEAN TOUR 2012

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Steve Vai - EUROPEAN TOUR 2012

#1 Post by Seraphim » Fri Oct 12, 2012 2:23 am

mach1andy wrote:Hi all,
So how is everyone doing? Did you see the N.A. Tour?! Who is going to see Steve in Europe? Do you think the precepts in this PDF play into Steve's new record and the live shows?
Answering this Andy questions and as a long time I don't start a thread here on this site, I thought was a good idea to put here the places where the fans gonna see the concerts on the european leg of the Story Of Light tour.

Now that some dates in the Iberian Peninsula have been added, I can say what concerts gonna see:

November 16 - TILBURG (Netherlands)
November 21 - BRUSSELS (Belgium)
December 11 - PORTO (Portugal)
December 12 - LISBON (Portugal)

Well, less shows than last tour (2007) also not able to see any show in US, but it's all crisis fault :x

But in meantime, gonna see some ZPZ shows:
November 20 - BRUSSELS (Belgium)
November 22 - ESCH-SUR-ALZETE (Luxembourg)

Also, in Portugal all the concerts used to be sold out, so don't understand why this time the Porto concert gonna be in a very small venue, even the stage is very very small... Well, it's fresh and new, still smells fresh painting, but last tours used to be in a great and new place concert hall... That's a pity but at least Steve gonna play really close to my house :P

Btw, there's a type error in the Tour dates site, it's writen LIBSON instead of LISBON :wink: I know, I'm dislexic too :lol:

So, if you guys gonna see any concert I'm going too, don't forget to say "HI" :P

Enjoy and have fun

:mrgreen: Seraphim :mrgreen:

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