A SINCERE and REAL THOUGHT about Steve Vai

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AkenBosch wrote:I think Steve Vai is a brilliant guitarist with a truly unique voice on the instrument and a rare understanding of dynamics and sound, but I think he is completely underrated as a composer. His serious work, when he actually composes music instead of just backing tracks for his soloing, is amazing and would make Zappa proud.

Watching him DANCING AROUND LIKE A DUMBASS and doing all his Spinal Tap gimmicks is so annoying and distracting from the music. I've heard him complain subtly about having never been taken serious, and I wonder if he knows how much that has to do with it.

..and the point of commenting on this on the Vai forum is? You are like.. trying to reach out to Steve saying he's a dumbass for dancing on stage and will be taken more seriously if he didnt? I'm sorry but this is a really lame comment. I'm sure mr.vai enjoys what he does and is working really hard to put on a great show. I for one am enjoying all of it, and its for sure better to watch than static performances.
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I like that he is a showman and entertaining, in fact, that is why I keep going to shows. If he just stood there and played with no personality at all it would be pointless.
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kyle am I wrote: :shock: oh my goodness I was thinking the EXACT SAME THING
paulh123 wrote:maybe aarons got a new id??
I was thinking the same thing. Brilliant minds think alike. Troll's need not apply. :lol: :guitar :mrgreen:

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aarons already got a new id on here(tommyd48).................
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