Piano Reductions Sheet Music?

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Hey all,

First time poster here. Anyone know if there is sheet music available for Mike Keneally's Piano Reductions?

Thanks everyone!

- B
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Don't you mean Steve Vai's Piano Reductions? He composed them and Mike performed them. :D
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codnchips wrote:Don't you mean Steve Vai's Piano Reductions? He composed them and Mike performed them. :D
Steve composed the songs but Mike arranged them completely new :wink:

I don't think there is any sheet music available :?
I guess it's just too hard to figure out the notes for normal people :lol:
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find a midi file of the song and throw it into finale and it should do the trick- or find a powertab or the guitar tab and just read the music.

or you can learn to read guitar tab on piano- i did that quite easy and helpful
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I wouldn't think any of those approaches would come even close.

Mike Keneally ripped those pieces apart. In the best way, of course. But I think his arrangements are vastly different than the guitar parts.
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:headbang Hi Steve,

So I know this is an oldie schmoldie thread but I found it searching this question out on Google. I am taking an adult ed piano class and when the teacher asked us if there are songs we would like to learn, the first one I thought of was "All About Eve". We play Mike's Piano Reductions of your songs every time we have people over for dinner. It's so beautiful and enjoyed by everyone of all ages.

Anyway, will there ever be a chance of buying the sheet music for these songs? (I am just learning about music and notes etc. so I don't know if guitar tabs can be read as piano music.) I don't know if you answer questions here but I thought I would try. I couldn't find fan contact info for Mike so here I am.

(BTW, today-this very day, October 9th-is our 9th wedding anniversary. Our wedding ceremony music was Hand on Heart and our first dance was For the Love of God. We got to meet you at the Grove in Anaheim before we got married and told you we were going to use it. We were the couple you met just after the couple who got engaged in your presence. We also met you again at the Grove after we got married and had you sign a couple of our wedding programs which had your songs listed in it. Anyway, I know you meet a ton of people and it has been a lot of years but I just thought I would share our happy memories on this very happy day. Now I'm going to go downstairs to share a bottle of bubbly with my hubby. Cheers!)

Thank you for your time and all of your music that is such a part of our great memories!


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Im composing a piano song for Steve using his style, maybe he´ll like it, I can write a cover of Steve by ear because my ear is trained but I don´t know If I´ll do I prefer composing something special for my love and favourite guitarrist
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