Steve Why No New Music?

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Mikey is totally right on all of this. Steve has been working hard, and Steve has done a great job!

I love everything Steve has done in the past 9 years, and no offense, i may have misread and if I did im totally sorry, but Sound Theories was KICK ASS!!! I dunno, mabey its just me, actully thats on of my fav. albums he;s made but w/e.

Anywayz Steve is bein the badass that he is so let him take his time with everything. Its totally understandable.

OH! and if you wanna make it alittle more than nine years. Make it 10 or 11 you get Merry Axemas : )
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Mikey wrote:
liquidsound wrote:I guess the more I think about this and read around on the internet (yes I am extremely BORED today)
I cant imagine how hard it is for SV to actually put the guitar in his hands and create. I imagine there is just one thing after another. Phone calls, Interviews,product endorsement, WOMEN ect.....

(But, in the back of my mind I am hearing a little voice saying, "Satriani doest it" : ) )

but with out living in his world I guess we will never know how hard it might be to do what it is that he does.
Well, Steve also has Favored Nations, and that takes time to run.

Then there's touring, which takes up months at a time and Steve has Toured at least 7 out of the 9 years - both solo, G3 and special one-off events like 5 Orchestra shows, a special concert with Sharon Isbin, masterclasses and other special appearances. If you add those together that might account for a full year of your time. That doesn't count writing music specially for an event or rehearsal or pre-production time.

There's editing, mixing, mastering and releasing DVDs - including two feature length DVDs "Live At The Astoria London" and "Visual Sound Theories" and the upcoming Minneapolis DVD (the title is a secret for now..); plus two G3 DVDs that featured a combined 6 songs to edit and master; and then there's being a husband and father, and having a personal life.

And did I mention working on developing gear with his endorsement companies?

Honestly, I don't know how you can fit that much in... and I'm a really busy person!

I'm not being defensive or "sticking up for Steve" here. But the more I thought about the question you raised, the more I'm figuring out that there's been a lot of product and output from Steve, in a variety of media.

Mikey ;)

1st Thank you Mikey for setting the record straight.

2nd I feel some folks are not giving Steve a break. ( I'm a part time musician, and it's not as easy as everyone seems to think.)And yes I wish sometines it would be that easy.

I dont know how Steve does it all, it blows my mind. And as far as creativity, You cant turn that on or off. It just happens when it happens, and if your lucky enough to have the moments to get it recorded the " moments it all happens, you can hear a melody in your head and get the Idea down, and what happens after that It could either get scraped , or become a long project.

After much frustration when a song plays in your head and your either interupted , or distracted sometimes it get lost. I've started to send ideas that come to me for music to my land line via cell phone, I have it now were I can listen to my messages on my mac from my land line.

( I've beatin the crap out of many hand held tape players ) :lol:
The point I'm driving home here is not every musician is not the same and every one has many " To Do " lists that some time you have to put projects on the back burner.

To get back to Steve putting out new music, as Mikey listed everything Steve has accomplished + run a record label. How many of us can even say that???????

Trinity777 8)
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If he is doing a commentary track for the new DVD, then surely they are watching the final edit? Maybe I'm wrong...but it certainly looks like it's close to being fully complete. Doubtful it'll be out by Xmas, most likely Jan or Feb 2009.
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Wasn't the Ebay winner thing on now or soon in Tennessee? I could be wrong.

Less informed,

Todd Mitchell Coolen
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