Steve's a wanker!

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Will the Two Stevies be touring together? The Vai Duet? Mr Steve and Mr Vai? Knowing Steves, they could probably pull it off.

Pull it off lol. With all this wanker talk, that could be the name of the show.
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Big Bad Bill
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If you were at the EVO in Manc the tour before last, you'll know the other Steve is actually 'Steve Way'.
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:D tis true I saw him! Steve Way in the flesh.

The demo made me laugh.....and thats really saying something as i am a miserable cow. :D
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Yes, i heard it on steve´s side that someone say he´s a wanker, but i´m sure this person is a wanker too 8)
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Could be old English from the orfanage era,

(but don't get your giz on my microphone,..
after all,.. not everyone's ready to hear the sound of millions of Woody Allen impressions at once, all trying to strike up a conversational piece with Miss Sennheiser or Mrs. Nady.

Their songs would all be sayin,..."you know,.. you are looking fairly metallic today,. and shocking,...very shocking... Electrifying infact. like like,.. a real electrical type of feeling...just be careful, because I see this big giant mouth monster,..and it looked pretty gruesome... and and it could be coming closer,... so ,..I know,..that,.. even if we have another electrical storm when the monster is over us,..and might not survive,....would you, I mean, like to maybe,..make the most of our time together? I mean, I'm I'm really,.. really good at massaging cardioids.."
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